Coronavirus: The restrictive measures are officially extended until May 4


Stelios Petsas briefed the political editors on the government’s measures for the coronavirus, with the government spokesman announcing an extension of the restrictive measures for another week, until May 4th.

Mr. Petsas began the briefing with a reference to the meeting through a teleconference of the European Council and the ongoing meeting , in which Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis participates.

For Summit: We do not need new loans – Common problems, common solutions
“Leaders are called upon to discuss finding appropriate solutions to the common problems that the pandemic pandemic breeds for the European Union and its member states. One of the key issues on today’s agenda is the creation of a European Economic Recovery Fund with the use of innovative financial instruments. The positions of our country are known “, stressed Mr. Petsas. He explained that these positions were developed in time by the Prime Minister in a joint letter with 8 other European leaders to the President of the European Council.

The first, which is the cornerstone of the European edifice, as the government spokesman pointed out, is the position of the principle that “common problems require common solutions”.

The key points of information from the government spokesman

  • EUCO is meeting today. On the agenda is the creation of a recovery fund. Our positions are known from the letter co-signed by the Prime Minister.
  • Today, the Prime Minister will insist that we do not need new loans.
  • He noted that the return to normalcy should include measures to continue free movement.
  • The success of our project to date is reflected in the case and victim diagrams compared to other EU countries with similar populations. This image is for us reminiscent of why we took these measures.
  • Returning to normal we will maintain habits such as hand washing, avoiding contact, etc.
  • The restrictive measures are extended until May 4
  • The measures of the transition plan will be announced next week.
  • The scientists of the abolished telecommunication program will receive 600 euros.
  • When so many measures are taken in such a short time, it is logical that there are failures. It is important that the failures are corrected, as they were.
  • The hybrid ERT platform, which has nothing to envy from platforms like Netflix, has been running since yesterday.
  • It seems that the citizens are embracing the service of the hybrid ERT. More than 200,000 users have already entered the relevant videos to activate it.
  • Asked if Mr Vroutsis still enjoys the prime minister’s trust after yesterday’s abolition of the telecommunications program: Yes.
  • When asked about the opening of schools: We need to see the establishment of a competent committee on whether it will be a gradual opening and whether there will be a priority opening of the economy.
  • on the issue of red loans & possible non-approval of the new plan by the EU: At the moment there is no plan b, we are proceeding with the existing plan.
  • Mr. Tsiodras answered yesterday about the use of masks. We are waiting for the committee’s recommendation. It is one of the individual protection measures that we will need to comply with and get used to, we are waiting for the instructions of the experts.
  • The 600 euros to the scientists will be paid by the Public Investment Program. It is being examined whether European resources can also be allocated.
  • The sms and the travel form its our intention to be removed from our daily routine when the gradual transition is implemented.

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