Coronavirus: These are the milestone dates for vaccinations in Greece (Kefalonia & other Ionian islands vaccine arrives 12 January 2021)

By 20/1, more than 100,000 people will have been vaccinated based on the three-phase plan. When will the platforms for the vaccination appointments of the citizens open?

From Monday (January 4, 2021), in fact, the inclusion of dozens of hospitals in the vaccination planning begins, with the aim of performing more than 5,000 health vaccinations per day, vaccinations within the framework of the Freedom Plan.

Vaccinations are continuing as has already been announced since the beginning of last week, stresses the general secretary of Primary Health Care Marios Themistokleous.

 By Sunday (03.01.2020) at 15:00 572 new vaccinations were given. A total of 3,779 vaccinations have been performed since 12/27/2020. Mr. Themistokleous reiterated that the period from 4/1/2021 to 20/1/2021, according to the business plan, the first installment of the vaccination of health workers, residents and employees in nursing homes, in chronic care units will be completed. and in rehabilitation centers.

The vaccination of the health workers in the NSS Hospitals will be done in 3 phases. Tomorrow, 4/1/2021, 42 new Hospitals will be added to the 9 Hospitals that already carry out vaccinations – a capacity that will allow more than 5,000 health vaccinations daily. On 8/1/2021 an additional 55 Hospitals will be added and by 12/1/2021 the supply will be completed in 19 Hospitals located in the island country.

The Military Hospitals will be gradually added to the NSS Hospitals – on Monday 4/1/2021 5 Military Hospitals will be added – while the vaccination of the private sector healthcare will begin. Also, tomorrow the vaccination of the citizens who live and work in the nursing homes will start by the Mobile Health Groups (KOMY) of EODY. The vaccination of this group will be completed by 20/1/2021.

The estimate based on the participation applications is that by 20/1/2021 more than 100,000 people will be vaccinated.

“The gradual integration of the Hospitals in the vaccination program, ensures the better preparation of the system, both in the safe supply, and in the training of the staff in the digital tools that are used for the first time in the National Health System, but also in all stages of vaccine management. from its storage and distribution to vaccinations. The tactic of phasing out vaccinations is followed by many European countries. Some insist on baptizing the design in three phases, postponement. “They are the same ‘willing’ who would rush to denounce the exact opposite tactic”, says Mr. Themistokleous.

When will citizens be vaccinated? 

 In the meantime, after January 15, the platforms for vaccination appointments will open, emphasizes the Deputy Minister of Digital Government, Giorgos Georgantas, speaking to Mega.

As Mr. Georgantas explains, the second phase of the vaccination will start after January 20, after the first phase has been completed, which concerns the health professionals. The relevant platforms will open after January 15th and the notifications from the intangible prescription -for those who are registered- will come approximately from January 15th. Thus, “the general population will be informed about vaccination appointments after January 15,” said Mr. Georgantas.

When someone has received both doses of the vaccine they will be able to download through a ​​certification that he was vaccinated. With the data so far, this will be for individual use. Beyond that, if this certificate can be used and where, this is a question that will be answered by the competent European institutions, stressed Mr. Georgantas. The debate in Europe is ongoing and the decisions are expected in the coming days, underlined the Undersecretary of Digital Government.


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