Coronavirus – Tsiodras: Without vaccination we would have an additional 8,400 deaths and 5,530 intubations

Without the  vaccine  , an additional 8,400 deaths from coronavirus would have been recorded by October 11  , said Professor  Sotiris Tsiodras , during the emergency announcements about the effectiveness of the vaccines. He said that in this scenario 5,560 additional hospitalizations in ICU and 5,530  intubations would have been recorded , citing relevant data from our country.

“No” to misinterpretations

The professor pointed out that the analysis made by a scientific team – and which is known to the government – shows that as vaccination coverage increases, cases occur in vaccinated people. “This does not mean that the vaccine does not protect and should not be misinterpreted,” said Mr. Tsiodras .

He pointed out that three comparisons were made between the immunocompromised, for diseases, and those over 60, as well as a comparison between the period before the dominance of the Delta mutation and after it. At the same time, a study was conducted on the deaths and efficacy of vaccines. The risk of death of those vaccinated was reduced by 91%, he said.

The data quoted by Sotiris Tsiodras about the vaccinations

According to the information provided by the professor :

  • The effectiveness of vaccines in preventing  death  is 91%. Significant efficacy is also recorded at younger ages (25-49 years). In terms of individual vaccines Pfizer (90%), Moderna (97%) AstraZeneca (94%) and slightly behind Johnson & Johnson.
  • In terms of ICU treatment,   the efficiency reaches 95% for the fully vaccinated. This is a 20-fold reduction in risk compared to the unvaccinated. For those over 60 the protection is 91% to 95%. Under the age of 60 the protection reaches 99%.
  • From the comparison of the pre-Delta and post-mutation periods it appears that in the pre-Delta period the protection against death was 92-98%. In the after Delta from 71 to 96%. In the case of ICUs before the Delta mutation, the protection was 98%. With the dominant Delta mutation reaching from 91% to 98%. 

According to the professor , vaccines are extremely effective in terms of ICU and death. They reduce the risk in both older and younger ages. But the most important thing is that it is estimated that with the vaccination we have avoided up to 8,400 deaths until October 11. In terms of ICUs, we saved 5,560 hospitalizations and 5,530 intubations.

According to Mr. Tsiodras, if by mid-July we had vaccinated 95% of the population, we would have 1,200 fewer deaths today. 

The lives saved and the intubations and ICUs we saved will increase in the distant future with the increase of vaccination. The winter season is not easy to predict, noted Sotiris Tsiodras . 

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