Coronavirus: Why Echinos and Iasmos turned into a health “bomb” – 93 cases and 6 deaths in 7 days

The growing number of cases (93 the number from June 11) in Echinos, Xanthi and Iasmos Rodopis, and the 6 deaths due to coronavirus in the last week, are causing concern and concern .

The community of Echinos, of the Municipality of Myki in Xanthi, as well as the municipality of Iasmos in Rodopi entered with a decision of the Civil Protection in a local lockdown , in order to deal with the local outbreak of corona cases.

91 new cases of coronavirus in the area since June 11
According to the data so far, 93 new cases of corona, from June 11, 2020 (73 were recorded until noon on Thursday and it became known that another 18 were found in the afternoon of the same day) come from the area of ​​Xanthi, while until Thursday night Six deaths were reported in the area.

Of the 24 cases of corona that were announced nationwide on Thursday, 18 were found in the area of ​​Xanthi and 2 in Rodopi, while on Wednesday, out of 55 cases of new cases of corona, 43 in Xanthi and 6 from Rodopi were found among residents of this area.

On Thursday night, a 70-year-old woman in coronary artery disease ended up in a hospital in Alexandroupolis, raising the death toll from the pandemic to six in recent days. In total in Greece, the number of victims of the corona is 189.

Teacher among the new positive cases of coronavirus
At the same time, the teacher who teaches at the 6th primary school of Xanthi is among the cases of corona. The teacher, according to the local newspaper “Empros” of Xanthi, is a resident of Mycenae and is not included in the 80 teachers who took tests after the occurrence of a case of a teacher who taught in the 4 schools of Xanthi.

To clarify in those tests, a positive case was found in a teacher by Echinos. The teacher of the 6th school was notified this morning. It is therefore a new case. The Primary School was immediately mobilized and according to the instructions, all the teachers were ordered to leave the school and take a test. of the 4 schools.

How did we get to this local outbreak of corona cases?
We remind you that on May 10, the authorities decided to suspend the operation of 5 primary schools and a kindergarten in Xanthi, when a teacher who taught in four primary schools in the area tested positive for coronavirus. The decision concerned at least 80 teachers and dozens of students with whom the teacher came in contact.

The next day, EODY announced 15 new cases , as a result of which a partial Lockdown was decided in the wider area of ​​Xanthi.

On June 12, Sotiris Tsiodras, accompanied by Nikos Hardalias, was in Xanthi, where he stated that there was a relaxation in the observance of the measures which he attributed to fatigue, while as he stressed “it is a pity that so much sacrifice is lost”.

Last Tuesday, the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management decided to take restrictive measures in the municipality of Iasmos , in Rodopi, for “urgent reasons for facing a serious public health risk” after the extraordinary meeting in the Chamber of Commerce of Civil Protection. Hardalias.

There is a general relaxation of measures for the coronavirus
“The hotspots show a relaxation in the implementation of hygiene measures and the observance of distances. And remind us how coronavirus released yet, “noted on the same subject in iefimerida, the Health Policy Professor, Ilias Mossialos :” Speaking of a possible resurgence homes, let’s change the terms, and say that keeping all our measures, in In essence, we are each digging for a piece of fire protection. ”

“Obviously we are worried about any cases of coronary heart disease, as there is a possibility that they will escape. The Civil Protection and the competent authorities have taken the necessary measures. I hope and believe with the many tests and restrictions, that we understand that they are unbearable for the citizens, that we will manage to end the history there, “said infectious disease specialist Charalambos Gogos, speaking to ERT on Thursday .

Ramadan and its role in the spread of the coronavirus
At the same time, the accumulated cases of coronavirus in Xanthi seem to be related to the Muslim community and the gatherings of the inhabitants of the area during the Ramadan period. Speaking to SKAI, Professor of Epidemiology Athena Linou claimed that “the religious minority of Thrace was a backdoor, because they live in close contact. The crisis comes after a celebration of their own, Ramadan. ”

“It simply came to our notice then. It is an example of what will happen if we stop observing the measures “, said the professor of virology and member of the Board of Directors of EODY, George Sourvinos , speaking to” Thema 104.6 ”

Speaking about the incidents in the area of ​​Echinos, he referred to the religious celebration of Ramadan, where it seems that there was a coincidence. “It’s an example that we can go back to situations we don’t want,” he said.

Seven days restrictive measures for the crown
Somehow the authorities came up with a Lockdown application. These restrictive measures will be valid for 7 days, ie from 18-06-2020 and time 06:00 to 25-06-2020 and time 06:00, when it will be reassessed its removal or extension in the area of ​​Xanthi .

In particular, it was decided to tighten the existing measures as follows:

  • Prohibition of movement of residents living in the Community of Echinos beyond its borders.
  • Citizens are prohibited from traveling in the Community of Echinos every day for 24 hours, except when they go to grocery stores and pharmacies.
  • Mandatory use of a mask and general protective measures by all citizens when they go to grocery stores or a pharmacy within the Community of Echinos.
  • Prohibition of movement of citizens to and from the Community of Echinos, except for food supply vehicles of food stores and pharmacies.
  • Prohibition and suspension of public markets and outdoor trade in general.
  • Prohibition and suspension of the operation of commercial stores, except pharmacies.
  • Prohibition and suspension of the operation of  stores, except for food retail companies (grocery stores, fruit shops, butchers, bakeries, supermarkets).
  • The supply of food stores and pharmacies that are not suspended will be mandatory with the use of a mask.
  • Taking care of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and the Municipality of Myki for the supply and provision of basic necessities (food, medicine, etc.) of the residents of the Community of Echinos and for any kind of assistance in cases of residents with chronic illnesses and sufferers.
  • Taking care of the Regional Administration of Fire Services (PE.PY.D.) of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace for assistance to personnel and means, where and when required.
  • Supervision and undertaking of all necessary actions by the General Regional Police Directorate (GE.PA.D.) of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace for the observance of the geographical restriction of the residents of the Community of Echinos, as well as the prohibition of citizens from other areas to and from the Community Echinos, except for grocery stores and pharmacies.

Finally, it is noted that the extensive inspections by the General Secretariat for Civil Protection and EODY will continue in the coming days based on the Operational Plan “Day 0 – Day 7 – Day 14”.


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