Coronovirus: Borders “sealed” – Northern Greece “boils” from cases

The government has “sealed” the country’s land borders, in Northern Greece, which is “drowning” by a coronavirus , in an attempt to stem the second wave of the pandemic.

At the same time, the transfer of patients from private clinics ordered to other private units in Thessaloniki began , while the government again appeals for compliance with the measures.

As the cases seem to be stabilizing, but without falling dramatically, the lockdown is now almost certain to be extended after December 1 in the country.
It is reminded that EODY announced 2,581 new cases of coronavirus in our country in the last 24 hours, 519 of our fellow citizens are being treated by intubation, while we have 72 more registered deaths and 1,419 deaths in total in the country.

New measures at the land border
In particular, new rules have been in force since yesterday morning at the country’s land borders, ie at the northern borders, due to the outbreak of coronavirus cases.


  • Greek citizens and citizens of the European Union enter from Promachonas. The crossing is allowed from 7 in the morning until 11 in the evening only, while the freight transports pass 24 hours a day.
  • Only Greek citizens, residents, holders of residence permits enter from Kakavia, as well as for absolutely necessary professional or medical travel. The passage is allowed to individuals from 7 in the morning until 11 in the evening only, while freight transport in this case passes 24 hours a day.
  • In addition, those entering from Kakkavia, due to the increased epidemiological burden observed in Albania, are required to enter a seven-day quarantine, in the areas they have declared when completing their PLF.
  • Only Greek citizens, residents, holders of residence permits enter from Evzoni and Kipi, as well as for absolutely necessary professional and medical travel. The crossing in this case is allowed from 7 in the morning until 11 in the evening only, while the freight transfers pass 24 hours a day.

Finally, Nymfaio, Ormenio and Exochi are only open for freight 24 hours a day only with the driver of the vehicle.

It is reminded that for the entrance to the country is still required PLF and the demonstration of negative PCR test which has been carried out up to 72 hours before, while now all the entrants are subjected to rapid test by steps of the General Secretariat of Civil Protection and EODY to verify the correctness of the test. In addition, freight drivers will be sampled.

Hardalias: The more consistent we are with the measures, the faster they will work

According to Mr. Hardalias, the controls are intensified while special emphasis is given to Northern Greece, where the viral load remains high in some areas. Yesterday, the number of cases remained high in Attica and Thessaloniki , while a three-digit number of cases was recorded in Larissa, Magnesia and Pella. In the co-capital on the last day 673 new cases were recorded, while in Attica the number of new cases amounts to 582. Also, the number of infections recorded in Larissa (105), Magnesia (108), Pella (107) and Imathia is in triple digits ( 112).

The call for faithful implementation of the measures remains constant as, as Mr. Hardalias said, “the more consistent we are in their implementation, the faster they will pay off”.

Papaevangelou: We have a war – If bullets fell, we would stay at home
The professor of Pediatric Infectious Diseases of the Medical School of EKPA and member of the Committee of Experts Vana Papaevangelou also addressed an appeal yesterday. “Although the generalized lockdown seems to be starting to pay off, we must continue the fight to reduce the epidemic wave with our individual effort and personal sacrifices.”

Ms. Papaevangelou advised patience, because the health system will continue to be under pressure for at least one to two weeks and not only in Northern Greece, as the number of patients and intubated will continue to increase.

“Strict adherence to the measures is extremely important, but unfortunately it still seems that in some cases the fatigue of the restrictions prevails and in others our wrong decisions for opportunistic pleasures have catastrophic consequences.”

Experience has shown that it is completely unpredictable who will be at risk of this new infection. The virus makes no exceptions and we are all vulnerable. It is a great mistake to relax because a large number of deaths concern people with underlying diseases. “Let’s not forget, these people disappeared from the coronavirus,” he said characteristically. “We have a real war and if there were bullets, instead of the invisible coronavirus, we certainly would not relax, we would not be upset that we have to stay home.”


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