Coronovirus: The British mutation of the virus was detected in Greece

Six travelers who arrived in our country were diagnosed positive for the new coronavirus mutation .

According to the first information, these are travelers from Britain, who underwent a rapid test and were diagnosed positive for coronavirus. They were immediately taken to a quarantine hotel and subjected to a molecular test. After the test, it was found that they are positive for the new coronavirus strain that was found in Great Britain , which finally reached our country, as it happened in other countries of Europe and the world.

The information states that the travelers will remain in quarantine, as planned, and will be re-tested for coronavirus in 10 days, while the passengers of the flights with which they traveled to our country are under epidemiological surveillance.

It is recalled that this is the new, mutated, strain of the coronavirus that was first detected in England and is estimated to be at least 70% more contagious.

Gogos: It is very natural for the mutation to exist in Greece as well
Speaking to the main bulletin Alpha, Charalambos Gogos did not confirm the existence of the mutated strain in our country, however he stressed that this mutation is expected to reach our country as well. ” The mutated virus is not going to have borders, with the transfers from one country to another we will definitely have cases of the mutated virus all over Europe and obviously there will be in our country, and it seems that such strains have already been detected. ” he said.

” For this reason there is generally this skepticism regarding the contagion and because of the holidays and because of the presence of this virus in Britain it existed in other European countries and it is very natural to exist in Greece as well, ” he added. ” The presence of a mutation in our country does not change the data. It is something to be expected. Of course we do not know the extent it has taken. “We have to look at the epidemiological data, that is, what is the dispersion and what was the effect of the mobility and this can have consequences on the recording of its epidemiological parameters, ” he concluded.

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