Cosmote: The free doubling of fixed broadband Internet speeds begins

Following the surprise announcement in mid-December, Cosmote is proceeding today with the gradual free upgrade of fixed broadband internet speeds for the company’s home and corporate subscribers.

According to today’s announcement of the company, the process will be completed within the year and concerns the company’s subscribers in areas where the fiber has not yet reached the home and business and where this is technologically possible. The offer can not be used by those who have an FTTH connection or a relevant connection is provided in their area.

According to the plan, subscribers with an economical speed plan up to 24Mbps, up to 50Mbps and up to 100Mbps, will be upgraded to speeds up to 50Mbps, up to 100Mbps and up to 200Mbps respectively, without taking any action and without any change during their contract or monthly fixed. The process can be performed either automatically or remotely where technically possible, with Cosmote subscribers being informed immediately after its completion, through the fixed account, the My COSMOTE App and by text message (sms). 

At the same time, Cosmote states that it continues to develop the Fiber network with total investments of over 3 billion euros by 2027 and with the aim of FTTH to reach 3 million homes and businesses by this year. To date, FTTH lines in the Cosmote Fiber network exceed 600,000, while by the end of 2022 they will amount to about 1 million.

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