Covid free GR: Access process to enter inside areas and signage

The unveiling of the “Covid Free GR” application, which will be used in the catering industry for the control of certificates, has been completed.

The presentation was made in the context of the announcement of the new, strict measures for the focus by the Ministers of Health, Development and Digital Governance. Yesterday, in his message, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis confirmed that from next Friday, July 16, until the end of August, the closed areas of restaurants and entertainment stores will be accessible only to citizens who have been vaccinated .

The “tool” for this system to work for catering, as mentioned by Kyriakos Pierrakakis, will be the application “Covid Free GR” designed by EDYTE GRNET, a body of the Ministry of Digital Government and which will be available from today for mobile phones and tablets with iOS or Android software (* download HERE ).


Covid Free GR: How it will work – The three levels
According to the Minister of Digital Government Kyriakos Pierrakakis, the application “Covid Free GR” can be installed on any device using iOS or Android software and used to verify the European Digital Certificates COVID and the Greek certificates of

Available for free through the official account of the Hellenic Republic in the App Store and Google Play. The application only shows the name of the certificate holder, while it does not hold or store temporary or permanent personal data or verification history. For the control and verification of the European Digital Certificates COVID no internet connection is required, while for the Greek certificates it is required.

There are three levels of verification:

Green – means that the certificate holder has been vaccinated or has COVID
Yellow – means that the certificate holder has a negative test (rapid or PCR)
Red – means an invalid or invalid certificate

Validity of certificates:

Vaccination – 14 days from the date of the last dose
Disease – Up to 6 months after the first positive test
Rapid test – 48 hours from sample collection (duration counts from 00.01 from the date of sample collection)
PCR test – 72 hours from sample collection (duration counts from 00.01 from the date of sample collection)

The new signs for catering
Catering and entertainment stores will now have to be equipped with three brands, which will be placed in stores as early asthis Friday 16 July. 

The new signs that will be placed in restaurants and entertainment stores and will concern indoor areas are the following:

“Covid Free Zone” – This mark will certify that everyone entering the site has either a vaccination certificate or a disease certificate.

“Fully vaccinated staff” – The label will be affixed to stores where all staff have been confirmed to have been vaccinated


What the new measures provide
According to the measures announced for entertainment venues and entertainment centers, the following applies:

  • Until August 31 in all entertainment venues the presence of only seated customers is allowed.
  • From 16 July until 31 August, indoor entertainment venues (restaurants, cinemas, theaters) can only operate as pure at 85% of their capacity.
  • Especially for closed entertainment centers, only pure spaces are allowed with coverage of 85% of the useful area, with the provided conditions for the observance of distances and the precautionary measures. All nightclubs, both outdoor and indoor, operate in addition to the distance rules that generally apply to catering.


Fines and penalties
The following are provided for offenders:

1st violation: For stores of area <200 sq.m. an administrative fine of two thousand (2,000) euros to the company / legal entity and suspension of operation from the next day of the violation and for seven (7) calendar days.

2nd violation: For all stores regardless of the surface, an administrative fine of ten thousand (10,000) euros and suspension of operation from the next day of the violation and for fifteen (15) calendar days.

3rd violation: For all stores regardless of surface, temporary removal of store license for sixty (60) calendar days.

For the establishment of the second and third infringement, it is sufficient to commit any infringement between those mentioned in the left column.

Sanctions may be imposed even after any infringement has been committed on the basis of evidence from which the infringement arises.



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