Covid Free GR Wallet: How the new digital certificate “wallet” works

The new application Covid Free GR Wallet, which concerns the certificates of vaccination , disease and diagnostic tests, was “launched” yesterday by the Ministry of Digital Government.

The Covid Free GR Wallet application essentially replaces printed documents, making it easier and simpler to store and display the vaccination certificate.

How the Covid Free GR Wallet application works

  • The first step is to install the Covid Free GR Wallet app from either Google Play or the App Store .
  • The second – if it has not already been done – is the issuance of the vaccination certificate (or disease or test result respectively).

It is recalled that vaccinated citizens can issue the coronavirus vaccination certificate (from this address ) or the European digital certificate Covid-19 (from this link ).

In continuation , the user must “load” the certificate of the application. This is done in two ways:

a) either by scanning a QR Code (from a printed certificate or from a QR code on another screen)
b) either by importing a PDF file (concerns those who have “downloaded” the certificate on their device, in PDF format)
When the entry is made the certificate is displayed in clear form in the “wallet” of the application so that the QR code is easy to read but also for the controller to see the name of the citizen, the date of birth and the date of vaccination.

In exactly the same way the disease certificates and the results of laboratory tests are “loaded” in the application.


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