Covid19 controls for this Summer whilst holidaying in Greece – Airports & Testing

Part 1 covered completing PLF this guide will now looked at travel and testing related process and questions..

Travel Changes

Changes in UK airport Process & testing

  • Only travellers allowed into UK airport
  • Mostly automated bag drops with fewer staff at desks
  • If you go to bag drop PLF checked there but will be checked at boarding gate. (NO PLF no travel!)
  • Masks mandatory on plane apart from if your eating or drinking
  • Trolley service available with option to pre-order by most airlines
  • Based on PLF information a percentage of passengers will be selected for swab testing (throat only) at Kefalonia airport
  • Families are being fast tracked through Kefalonia airport queues but individuals in family groups a also being selected.

So you were tested what next?

  • The guidance documents supporting the PLF details enhanced care with social distancing for first 24 hours BUT not restricted to accommodation.
  • If you are positive you will be contacted in first 24-48 hours. Depending on your health and accommodation type you will either
    • Be asked to stay in accommodation
    • Moved to quarantine hotel
    • Moved to Kefalonia hospital
    • Moved to ICU (most likely Patras or Zakynthos)
  • As part of track and trace family and other close contacts will be tested and advised on isolation method.


Q1 – If someone is tested positive on the plane I travelled on are all the passengers put into quarantine?
A1 – No, at present the Greek advice on close contact on a plane is two rows either side of the identified positive case.

Q2 – Who covers the quarantine/hospitalisation cost and food?
A2 – The greek government cover everything apart from repatriation, however this does not remove the need to have good travel insurance and most companies are now offering enhanced insurance for covid.

Q3 – If I don’t feel well what should I do?
A3 – All accommodation most have COVID guidance detailing who to call, the one thing you should not do is try and get to the hospital, call the contact number and stay in your room and wait for assistance to arrive.

Q4 – If I am tested and its negative will I be told?
Q4 – No, contact is only made with those who are positive

Q5 – Can i fill in one PLA for all the family?
A5 – Sadly this is subjective the online form has a page to add family members and we know many people who have travelled without problems as a family, however some travel companies e.g.  TUI are advising seperate forms if your adults, therefore you are better off complying with the guidance your travel firm gives in this instance. 


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