Crazy Prices in Mykonos: Tourist paid 590 euros for 6 calamari! [pictures]

Prices for … stroke at a beachfront restaurant in Mykonos -Photo file: AP Photo / Kristi Eaton

Six squid 590 euros. Mousakas with 20 euros serving, water for 8,90 and coffee at 10 euros. Prices for … strokes charge a coastal all-day bar-restaurant in Mykonos according to tourist complaints, which make the round of the internet through TripAdvisor.

“Mykonos does not justify everything,” writes Spanish tourist Pedro de Janebras who visited the island last April. The man explains to TripAdvisor that they offered them a lunch menu at 15 euros per person, which was an ideal opportunity.

The proof of the Spanish tourist since last April shows that the price for two beers and two coffees is 50 euros / Photo: TripAdvisor
“” Paradise, “we thought. We drink two coffees and two beers before going to enjoy our meal. The result; 10 euro of coffee and 15 euros of small beer, “writes the Spanish traveler and adds,” Who are they mocking? The explanation of the waiters: You are in Mykonos. The conclusions are yours for both the place and the island. ”

Tourists claim they do not receive a price list
Prices seem to be inexpensive, but they are normally listed in the store’s menu, giving the choice to anyone who wants to sit or choose another place for their coffee, drink or food. However, there are tourists who claim that the shop staff refused to show them the price menu.

The British tourist posted the price for a Greek and a soft drink at the Mykonos restaurant in Platis Yialos / Photo: TripAdvisor
“Avoid the place in any way. Me and my girl walked to the beach and we decided to sit for a drink, “notes a British tourist for the same shop. “The pressing and rude staff refused to give me a list and listed us the drinks orally instead. Leaving us gave us a 25 euro bill for a simple coffee and a regular lemonade. ”

Correspondingly, Irina’s experience also claims that they gave them a cocktail menu that did not include the prices. “We ordered 2 glasses without watching the price. We saw on TripAdvisor that the glass cost 18.90, “she says in her post.” We were shocked to find out that they were charged 136 euros for two glasses, “he said, then scoring the photo of the proof. “The waiter told us that we ordered premium champagne, which did not happen, and then showed us another catalog of the champagne price at 68 euros a glass.”

How much does squid cost in Mykonos?

The proof of an American tourist who paid 591 euros for six servings of squid / Photo: TripAdvisor
How much does the squid cost? A tourist from Brooklyn, USA, paid 590 euros for 6 servings of squid in Mykonos . “This place is a scam. Look at the photo you uploaded. We charged 830 euros for squid, six beers and three salads, “wrote the American who also claimed he had not received a price list before ordering:” The staff were not honest and refused to give us a price list and prices. ”

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