Crete: A tourist who was positive about the coronavirus, took walks on the island for 72 hours (hmm let’s hope this is not a sign of things to come!)

A tourist from Romania in Crete, who arrived on the island in order to spend her summer vacation, was tested positive for coronavirus .

According to the local website, the woman from Romania took walks on the island for at least 72 hours before the authorities located her and put her in quarantine. According to the same information, Romania had declared a different hotel than the one it had declared.

More specifically, the tourist from Romania, as soon as she arrived at Heraklion airport, underwent a coronation test and was then given – as the protocol stipulates – the instruction to be transferred to her hotel and stay there for 24 hours until the results came out.

She herself went to the hotel she had booked from her hometown, but found her doors closed! According to the same source of information, the hotel unit had not yet opened, with the result that the tourist office found another available hotel and took her there.

Naturally, as soon as the results came out positive, the authorities rushed to inform her, but they were unable to locate her as the change of hotel was never notified to the authorities. An alarm was immediately sounded and the operation to locate the Romanian tourist began.

Arriving at the right hotel, the authorities did not find the tourist, since she had chosen to explore the island, defying the instructions. The news provoked strong reactions from the tourist, who did not want to cooperate, saying that “she does not want to spoil her vacation”.

Eventually, with the help of the police, the tourist from Romania was convinced and taken to the quarantine hotel on the island.

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