Snowy landscape in Crete in summer / Photo: Nikos Heiladakis / Facebook

Many areas of Greece may be “roasted” by the new heat wave that is affecting the country, but in some parts of Crete, the landscape is winter, as there is still … snow .

As we see in a photo uploaded to his facebook account, Nikos Heiladakis, the snow has covered the Kakoperato Therissos area in Chania Prefecture at an altitude of 1,400 meters. The snowy scenery is spectacular.

“Incredible concentration of frozen snow for August at such a low altitude. Obviously from a huge winter avalanche! “Writes Mr Chiladakis.

Recall that during the winter snowfall was observed in the mountains of Crete, a phenomenon not particularly common for the island.

Photos: Nikos Heiladakis / Facebook
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