Customer communication from Rent Car Kefalonia

Good morning, I would like to point out that those who due to emergency COVID-19 we are willing to give up the booking already confirmed by RCK, must formalize it by email to be sent to RCK: ( and FRCK (

Below the text of the email that Rent Car Kefalonia writes in response to its loyal customers who due to force majeure have to give up their KEF holiday ” Dear / o XXXX, the pandemic emergency of COVID-19 has overturned the lives of us all. Difficulties are evident and encountered both in private life and in the working area. The entire tourism chain, of which Rent Car Kefalonia is also a part of is suffering significant consequences, but for us people, our customers, our friends take precedence over everything and also have it over the economic component.

For this reason in case your reservation to reach Kefalonia has been or cancelled and therefore you are unable to travel, we recommend that Rent Car Kefalonia will fully reimburse what has already paid or if you want to use the amount paid as a credit for an upcoming booking Good morning.
Hopefully we’ll all smile again soon.
Sincerely, Apostolis Kokkosis “

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