Customs duties “bite” for purchases from Britain, due to Brexit – Shock from the first orders of 2021 from Greece [examples]

The Brexit is a fact and its implications on trade operation here, with customs in Greece already impose duties on the most serious orders.

Apart from the now problematic exports from Greece to Great Britain, from the first days of 2021, the “sad” Brexit began to become apparent to consumers. Speaking to , Orestis Efthimiou , a private employee from Athens, explains that in January “I ordered from a British store a shaver, which was worth 67 euros . I chose a well-known courier company, in order for the product to arrive faster, something that cost about 20 euros more “.

The package from Britain therefore began its journey in the first days of 2021. And Brexit had already entered into force. “Eventually I received a message asking me to pay 45 euros for customs clearance , plus duties and VAT,” adds Mr. Efthymiou, stressing that he decided not to receive it, as it is completely unprofitable.

Shopping from Britain: The “party”… is over
At the same time, Costas Skiadas , creator and administrator of the most famous Greek technology forum Insomnia , tells that “everything shows that the” party “with the purchases from Britain is over. “Apart from our own difficulties, which will somehow be solved as the Greek market will inevitably turn elsewhere, we will have to consider what it means for thousands, mainly small, companies based in the United Kingdom.”

According to Kostas Skiadas, “many members of Insomnia report that they cancel their orders due to the heavy duties they are now required to pay. “We have a confirmed example of a man ordering clothes worth 450 euros from Britain and the total package for customs clearance, duties and VAT reached 250 euros .”

Finally the British Amazon and Ebay?
The new post-Brexit regulations already seem to be affecting – certainly not as much as smaller businesses – giants such as Amazon (UK) and Ebay (UK). “To find out what’s going on I started placing a trial order for a hard drive from Amazon (UK). The album was worth 138 euros and for the first time it showed me a separate field in the order. It was the 19 euros of customs clearance “says the manager of Insomnia.

It remains to be seen whether the – most likely – scenario of tariffs and VAT on used products coming from the United Kingdom will apply.

See the new field (Import Fees Deposit) added for EU buyers in the UK Amazon:

The confirmation of AADE – “Third country” now the United Kingdom
AADE has already prepared the public that makes purchases from Britain for the unpleasant surprise.

In a special update, it states that Brexit has the following direct consequences, from January 1, 2021:

  • the UK becomes a “third country” for the EU-27 (hereinafter EU27),
  • the free movement of goods between the United Kingdom and the EU Member States no longer exists,
    customs formalities are required for the movement of goods between the two parties,
  • the UK will have no access to EU27 customs IT systems, except for access to the NCTS as a common transit country.
  • At the end of the transitional period, the UK shall accede to the Common Transit Agreement autonomously and may therefore use the Common Transit Agreement and continue to have access to the New Computerized Transit System (NCTS) and other related systems as a Contracting Party. of that contract.

“Consequently, the movement of goods from Greece and the other EU Member States to the United Kingdom and vice versa will now be treated procedurally in the same way as the movement of goods to and from third countries, which implies the obligatory observance of customs procedures and formalities for goods destined for or originating in the United Kingdom “, concludes AADE.

Brexit: What does “third country” mean for our … pocket?
The inclusion of Britain in the “third countries” essentially means that any import of an object / product into Greece “regardless of the type of their content (gift, commercial sample, etc.) is subject to customs control and customs clearance, if required by customs legislation ».

As pointed out in a relevant guide of ELTA, postal items:

  • value not exceeding € 22 or € 45 in case of non-commercial shipment (from individual to individual), are exempt from duties and VAT .
  • worth from 22 € / 45 € to 150 € are exempt from import duties but are subject to VAT .
  • worth € 150 and above are subject to VAT and duties , depending on their statistical value and their tariff classification.


  • Cross-border online purchases of tobacco products (eg cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, refill liquids) are strictly prohibited for individuals
  • Postal items originating in a non-EU country, which are imported into Greece through an EU Member State, are subject to customs control and customs clearance, if required, if they have not been proven, in such an EU country. 
  • Postal items originating in an EU country, imported into Greece through a non-EU country, are not subject to customs control, provided they are accompanied by a certificate proving their Union character (T2L Certificate)

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