Cybercrime Prosecution Warns: Beware of These Phone Calls

The Tips of the Cybercrime Prosecution – Photo: Picryl

The Cybercrime Directorate – posted on the ELAS website – informs citizens – internet users about fraudulent phone calls.

The Department of Persecution of Cybercrime has lately reported numerous cases of fraudulent phone calls to citizens in order to deceive them.

In particular, unknown perpetrators who hire technicians in support centers for large software companies are “willing” to help citizens solve technical problems on their computers or to verify the authenticity of installed programs on their computers so they can continue to use them.

In this context, they ask unsuspecting citizens to install remote access software on their PCs, thus gaining control of their computer and all the data stored on it, such as:

e-banking accounts,
social media accounts,
photos and videos,
browsing history,
applications and websites passwords, etc.,
These data are then used in various illegal activities.

Citizens are advised to be very careful, not to respond to these calls and not to disclose personal data and data to various online sites.

In case they have disclosed personal data it is suggested:
immediate removal of the applications that cybercriminals have requested to install,
factory reset to devices that have access (after backup),
perform a complete security scan to detect infected or dangerous programs, using up-to-date security software,
changing passwords and using strong passwords, combining characters and complexity (uppercase – lowercase – symbols – numbers) and
direct contact with the responsible – if applicable – banking institution in case of transactions – transfers of funds that you do not recognize.
In addition, in any case, report the incident of technical support to the company whose technicians were proficient and report the incident to the Director of Electronic Crime Prosecution:

By telephone 111 88
By sending an e-mail:
Through the application for smart phones with iOS – Android: FEELSAFE E-COMMERCE
Via Twitter “SOS Cyber ​​Alert Line”:
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