Cyprus: Explosions at an ammunition depot in an occupied area with an injured

Ongoing explosions at an ammunition depot in the Occupied Territory

Explosions at a munitions depot took place around 2am in the Occupied Cyprus, due to a fire that broke out in a military zone.

The explosions were strong and according to Reuters a tourist was slightly injured by broken glasses. The news was made known by the so-called Turkish Cypriot Foreign Minister Kundret Eersay.

Ezersai said via Facebook that the area has been blocked as explosions continue in the military zone, located in an area east of Kyrenia, which is attracting tourists. Very close to the military base there is even a hotel which has been evacuated preventively and the surrounding streets have been closed.

The moment of explosion in the Occupied

Meanwhile, at the time of the major explosion at the military warehouse, he recorded a camera for an amateur who posted the sigmalive.
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