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Good evening from the Civil Protection. The effort, as it is understood, continues, the state mechanism takes every necessary decision in order to protect the citizens and to ensure public health.

In this direction, the measure of 14-day quarantine is imposed, which is imposed on those who come from abroad or are close contacts of confirmed cases.

To date, 23,356 of our compatriots, who have either crossed the border or are in close contact, have been quarantined throughout the country, who were checked daily to comply with the terms of their home restraint.

At the moment, the vast majority of them have completed the 14 days they owed, in a quarantine of 6,645 who have returned from abroad and 1,059 close contact cases.

I would also like to inform you that so far 2,062 of our fellow citizens have been repatriated. All of them belong to one of the three categories that have been given priority at this time.

I would like to remind you that at the moment our compatriots are being repatriated, who either need immediate health care, which cannot be provided in their place, or who have nowhere to stay or are trapped by transit flights.

I would like to remind you once again that nothing has been decided yet and I would like to emphasize this because we are seeing a debate over the de-escalation of the measures.

I understand that there is a need to see when all this is over, but it must be clear that we are not there. Until April 27, the restrictive measures are fully in force without any relaxation.

Then, provided that everything goes well, the discussion on when and at what pace there will be any de-escalation will begin.

It is clear that scientists have the first say in making any decision.

I understand that we are starting to get tired but we need patience and we need perseverance in the goal. We still have a long way to go and we can’t wait to wake up one morning and everything will be as it was before. That needs to be clear.

And as we have said, this year Easter will be different. As announced last night by a joint ministerial decision of the Ministers of Education and Religions and Health, it is planned to continue the temporary restrictive measures in places of worship for the period from 12/4 to 20/4, ie for Holy Week.

Also, at this point I want to emphasize that any discussion or various excuses for moving in those days, is a completely irresponsible and anti-social attitude and I want to explain why.

At the moment in Attica, to take an example, since the beginning of the epidemic we have had 1,082 cases. Active today, 712,712 of our fellow citizens have not yet recovered.

Of these, 293 are being treated and 419 are in quarantine at home. Also, in quarantine either in a hotel or at home, due to close contacts or entry into the country, only in Attica are 3,854 people.

So let us not cause our fate and let us not cause the societies out there in the province, in our villages that have also consistently resisted the virus.

Any attempt to move us increases the risk of transmitting the virus and this is something that is not acceptable. I would also like to inform you about an initiative that promotes access to information.

Covid19.gov.gr is now the central information hub of the government for all policies, for all actions of the Ministries to deal with the corona.

There you will find information on all the measures of the Ministries, questions and answers that provide explanations for each basic policy.

Statistical display of cases, answers to citizens’ questions and this service will be added in the coming days.

In closing, on the occasion of World Health Day, I would like to express on behalf of all those who are operationally at the forefront of the battle, our gratitude to these first-line colleagues who are fighting for health issues.

To the doctors, nurses and health officials who are tirelessly and selflessly fighting their own battle to save human lives, to protect the health of all of us in this pandemic.


Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management


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