Dead turtles on the streets of Crete – The sad sight from Maleme

Tourists and locals in Maleme, Crete, were confronted with a sad sight on the morning of Crete, on the streets above the beach of the area. The road was filled with dead turtles, most of whom were tragically killed by the wheels of passing cars.

The turtles, for an unknown reason, just bitten off their eggs, instead of heading to the sea they took the opposite course and found themselves on the road.

Unfortunately, most of them were driven by cars, others fell in the opposite direction, while about 20-30 were lucky enough to be saved thanks to the care and care of some caravans.

The precious beaches of Crete for sea turtles

Of the three species of sea turtle, only Caretta spawns in Greece. The most important nesting areas are Zakynthos, Peloponnese and Crete. In Crete, Crete spawns in Rethymnon, Messara and the gulfs of Chania, such as Maleme.

The turtle caretta caretta spawn every 2 to 4 years, during the breeding season the turtle leaves the water and goes to the beach to find a suitable spot to make their nests. As soon as she finds it she starts digging a hole in the sand where she will lay her eggs.

Usually turtles make from 2 to 4 nests and produce a total of 80 to 120 eggs. The eggs hatch after 7 to 10 weeks and then the chicks can start climbing which can take up to 4 days. Once they reach the surface, they wait until the night for the sand to cool, and then run toward the water, following the starlight that drives them into the sea.


Archelon point out the real reason for this is likely to be due to human man made light pollution confusing the turtle, click icons below to read in full.






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