December 2020 Full Moon: Today we look up for the Cold Full Moon

FULL MOON 2020: Tonight, December 30, 2020, the sky will shine from the last Full Moon for 2020. This full moon is called “Full Night Full Moon” or “Cold Full Moon”, while its brightness reaches 100%. However, as early as the night of Tuesday, December 29, we got a first taste, as the moon was almost full, with a brightness that reached almost 98%.

“We know that our Earth is moving in an elliptical orbit around the Sun, completing a complete orbit in about 365.25 days. But we know that a similar motion is made by the Moon around the Earth, in 27.32 days. However, to find Earth – Moon – Sun in the same arrangement requires 29.53 days, ie about one month, which is the length of time from one phase of the Moon to the next similar.

In the 29.5 days that the Moon makes, to orbit the Earth, it completes a rotation around its axis and is the reason that the inhabitants of our planet can not enjoy the “other side” of the moon. “Mr. Antonis Itsios stated to APE-MPE, adding that we are referring to” the “other” side and not the “dark” side, because there is no permanent dark side “.

“The Sun”, he explains, “during the lunar month, successively illuminates the entire surface of the axis around the Moon and therefore, at all times it is illuminated in half, regardless of whether we do not see any part of the hemisphere that receives sunlight ”.

There are many beliefs and misconceptions that speak of… madness on full moon days (lunar eclipse), more accidents and disasters, increased fertility on the full moon or that a bad omen is the eclipses of the sun or moon. It is no coincidence that in some languages ​​Monday has a name associated with the Moon, such as Monday (Moon Day) in English, Lundi (from Latin Luna) in French or Montag in German “notes Mr. Itsios.

The next Full Moon, the new year now, is on January 28, 2021, followed by the next on February 27, 2021.


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