Deputy Minister of Civil protection formally announced the opening of the primary schools on 1 June

The Deputy Minister of Civil Protection, Nikos Hardalias, presented positive information during the briefing of the Ministry of Health on the development of the coronation pandemic, while he also spoke about the opening of primary schools .

“The situation is developing smoothly, we have good epidemiological data, we are adapting day by day,” said Mr. Hardalias, who referred to the opening of the restaurant and hosting facilities from Monday, May 25.

Once again, the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection drew the attention of the citizens on the occasion of the opening of the restaurants, while for the opening of the primary schools from June 1, he announced that the announcements will be made on Monday. “It simply came to our notice then. The recommendations are being followed, so we must continue “, said Mr. Hardalias and stated that the experience from the Gymnasiums and Lyceums is positive.

“We don’t go back to our old habits, we need to be careful”
Mr. Hatzigeorgiou referred to his position on the opening of the restaurant from tomorrow as he noted that “the lifting of the measures does not mean that we return to our old habits. We must be prudent and adhere to security measures. ”

He further added that there were many arguments in favor of opening primary schools: “The committee is currently meeting on the issue of primary schools to cover some details, but most epidemiologists are in favor of opening them”.

He added: “There is a small number of children in the world who are ill and the effects of the virus at these ages are very small, while the role of children in transmission is low. These conclusions lead the scales to lean towards the opening of primary schools, said Mr. Hatzigeorgiou.

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