DEYAK: Interruption of transactions with the physical presence of citizens

Announcement – consumer information DEYAK about Coronavirus

DEA Cephalonia in full compliance with the Ministry of Health’s policy on coronavirus (COVID-19) and the nature of the service requiring daily contact with citizens and ongoing banknotes (two of the most serious viral transmission factors, according to WHO), informs consumers that, in order to shield the health of consumers themselves and subsequently employees of the service, it discontinues transactions with its customers physically present at the local office. one day of service for two (2) weeks, starting Monday 16/3/2020.

Employees will normally attend the service without open doors for welcoming and serving the public. Consumers will be served remotely by fax, e-mail and the service telephones that follow at the end of the announcement.

Payments and redemptions will be made for the above period, either electronically, or deposited with the bank or ELTA, as stated in the forms.

Payment via e-banking is done using the IBAN accounts listed on the brochures, using the “money transfer” or “wire transfer” field (depending on the banking institution you are using), and justifying your water meter number or your service code.

Given the general situation and within our social responsibility, we are called upon to do our utmost to reduce the spread of the virus while protecting the health of all, taking every precautionary measure to protect consumers and workers and to aim as smoothly as possible. operation of the service.

There will be immediate and constant updates on any new developments and depending on the general course of transmission of the virus.

We apologize in advance for any temporary disruption that may arise and look forward to your understanding of the safety and optimum health of all of us.

Communication phones

Argostoli: 2671023060-2671023064

Sami: 2674023744

Lixouri: 2671093300

Communication fax

Argostoli: 2671024668

Sami: 2674023745

Lixouri: 2671093300

– mail (email)

ARGOSTOLI 13/3/2020



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