DEYAK issuing consolidated water bill in Argsotoli municipality and finally an easy way to pay online

Δ.Ε.Υ.Α.Δ.Κ. informs consumers in relation to the bills of the Municipality of Argostoli that will be sent in the coming days, that they will include debts OF TWO PERIODS AND NOT ONE, in order to deal with problems that arose in the printing and sending of the bills, due to the measures taken in previous period for dealing with the COVID19 pandemic, both in the service and in the Hellenic Post.

Due to the above, the invoices that will be sent in the following days will indicate amounts of TWO CONSUMPTION PERIODS AND NOT ONE and for this very reason the possibility of INSTALLMENT PAYMENT WITH A LONG EXPIRY DATE is given. The expiration date of the bill will be until 20/04/2021 and consumers will be able to pay during this period either in instalments or in a lump sum.

In addition, we inform that the payment of the bills will now be done through the Interbank System using RF code, so on the same day the bill will be automatically paid. Due to the transition, payments made in the previous period may not have been credited to date, something that will be done immediately.

This update aims to understand the amount of bills to be shipped in the coming days and to avoid misinterpretations and confusions.

In addition, for any explanation or information you may need regarding these accounts, please contact the service by phone or e-mail.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

The president

Σπαθής Σταύρος

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