Did you know that Bees are the most important living being on the planet?

It’s the only creature that doesn’t transport any pathogenic micro-organism such as fungi, viruses and bacteria.
Unfortunately the bee population has declined by 90 % worldwide and the causes are:
– the toxic pesticides used in industrial crops and poison bees.
– monocultures that don’t allow bees to feed on a wide variety of plants to survive
–  the electromagnetic waves of mobile phone make the bees lose their direction and cannot communicate with each other about finding food.
Without Bees 1/3 of our diet will disappear as bees are necessary for pollination of plants when carrying the pollen and pollinate the flowers in order to become fruits.
Without Bees, 71/100 of the world’s crop will significantly reduce their production and thus reduce the prices of products.
The solutions for bee survival are:
–  the immediate ban on toxic pesticides.
–  the promotion, support and preference of natural sustainable alternative farming methods.
– the constant research and monitoring of health, well-being and protection of bees.

Bees sleep 5-8 hours a day usually in flowers while they like to get their feet tangled.

Source  – FB post of CleanUpGreece

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