Difficult dog rescue yesterday (video & pictures)

Off the road in the village of Kremmidi, a lady heard a dog barking.

It was about 10 meters down from the road and impossible to go to because the ground was very steep and had very dense vegetation.

The lady called the fire brigade that came immediately and they opened the way to the dog with a chainsaw because it had a lot of thorny plants.

But unfortunately she did not let them catch her.

It seemed that the dog was hurt, she could not walk well.

When we arrived we found her upside down and shivering from the cold and the accident. It was completely wet, it would have been there at least since yesterday in bad weather.

Together with the fire brigade we raised it back to the road , we do not see any external wounds. Many thanks to Paraskevi Vavasi who went to throw the garbage and heard the cries of the dog and immediately called for help.

A huge thank you to the firefighters Vassilios Mitrakas, Ioannis Rallis and Apostolis Karaïskos, who prepared the place to pass easily and who helped to raise the dog to a safe place.

This is not the first time we have cooperated perfectly with the fire department.

That is why their help is very valuable to us. And of course we thank our volunteers Chris and our Reporter Natalie for always helping us when needed.

And last but not least, we thank the veterinarian Spyridoula Vavasi.

We wish them all health and prosperity in the much needed work they do !!



Source and many more pictures here



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