Dionysis Minetos (deputy mayor of technical works): Context to the work on Poros & the bad weather

The posts on social media by well-known politicians but also some texts and reports that saw the light of day in the last hours from a certain portion of the print and electronic press and that refer to an alleged scandal for the work of repairing, strengthening and upgrading the bridge Bailey of the settlement of Poros, for “cutting the Poros in two” for “iron bridge and imminent danger if the intervention of an ambulance or fire truck is needed in Aragia” etc, they simply reproduce the lies, the misery and the catastrophe and serve the opposition their.

In this sense I would like to mention the following:

  1. The interventions performed on the bridge of Poros have been designed in the best way and based on the current regulations and the lessons of science, by the Design and Construction Unit (MOMKA) of GEETHA. They are supervised by the same service (MOMKA) and aim at the final solution of the chronic problems of the Poros bridge which the previous administration of the Municipality failed to face.

In contrast to what happens in the usual Public Works, where the Contractor starts the construction of the project and is paid based on the progress of the work performed, in the specific work performed by the Greek Army, the full payment of the total cost of the project was required in advance. start any preparatory action (ordering materials, site organization, etc.). If the author of the relevant publication had taken care to cross-reference his information by making a simple phone call to MOMKA, he would not have written inaccuracies about scandal and payment of the project by the Municipality before it was completed, involving irrevocably in the alleged scandal not only the Municipality of Argos Greek Army.

The specific act, which indirectly but clearly turns not only against the Municipality of Argostoli but also against the specific Directorate of GEETHA, exceeded any well-meaning red line. It is now clear that anyone who is blinded by empathy, whoever is driven by his passions, is incapable of informing the public with validity and responsibility.

“Inside us, darkness, many feet, hoarse voices, wild hair, hungry” as Nikos Kazantzakis says.

  1. Regarding the project schedule, it was agreed jointly with MOMKA, the works not to start during the tourist season (July, August, September) for obvious reasons. The type of work involved particularly noisy handling for several hours a day for at least 5 to 7 days. It was judged that in the current circumstances, the aim was to protect the economy of the settlement of Poros, which is trying to recover from the devastating consequences of the pandemic. In particular, the hotel industry and the catering-entertainment industry suffered an unprecedented stagnation due to the coronavirus pandemic that brought them to the brink of survival.

Those who have a different opinion should go out to the businessmen of Poros and especially to the owners of the adjacent tourist accommodation and health shops, that if they were in our place, they would employ compressors, hammers, drills and bulldozers in August and September to repair the bridge. In this case, it is absolutely certain that the English, German or Italian visitors who chose Poros for a week of vacation, would have left with the best impressions.

Let it be. Everyone has a responsibility to make their own choices.

  1. The allegations of imminent danger in the event that an ambulance or fire truck would have to be approached in Aragia are inaccurate and could have been avoided if the author of this text had asked a similar question to either MOMKA or Pyrgos , due to suspicion, would not trust any explanations he could receive from the Municipality of Argostoli.

The scenario of the need for an ambulance or fire truck to approach Aragia, with the bridge under construction and at the same time blocking the Irish crossing of the Poros stream due to increased water flow, was discussed and resolved in relevant contacts between the Municipality and the Municipality. and with the officials of the Fire Service of Argostoli.

Both before the metal plates were placed on the deck of the bridge and after they were installed, there was a plan so that an ambulance and a small or medium-sized fire truck could cross the bridge. At the same time, it was decided that the Municipality would park its own fire brigade on the east side of the stream, in Aragia, where in case of emergency it would be possible to reach directly by the Municipality staff through the footbridge.

Therefore, the above objections, only managed to cause unfounded anxiety and psychological burden to the inhabitants of the eastern part of the settlement of Poros. If this is the social role of the press, to terrorize society, then it has indeed been achieved.

  1. I do not agree with the derogatory characterization of the Bailey Bridge as an “iron bridge” nor, of course, with the views of some of our fellow citizens that this bridge should be thrown in the trash and replaced by a new concrete bridge. There are thousands of Bailey Bridges around the world.

Bailey bridges are still being built today, in the year 2021, in many developed countries of Western Europe, in Canada, in Australia, in the suburban area and in the urban area.

The Bailey Bridges are an engineering achievement of enormous historical value. They are associated with the turn of countless, critical battles of World War II. But also in the post-war period they are connected with the recent history of local communities and the people who used them, with earthquakes, with floods, with economic development, with prosperity with events that marked the course of geographical areas, societies and people. In many cases they have been designated as newer monuments.

The Bailey Bridge is part of the recent history of Poros. We have found the military commander who installed it. He is alive at the age of 91 and lives in Athens. We try to draw information about that time, about the conditions that prevailed and the anxieties of the society, to make with the assistance of MOMKA 2 bilingual information signs with the history of the bridge and to place them on both sides of the stream so that both the visitors of the settlement as well as the younger generations, the children of Poros, to be able to create in the imagination images from the situation in Poros at that time.

Whenever and wherever we leave the administration of the Municipality, let the next ones who will take over tear it down. At present, we have developed two alternatives for the construction of another modern bridge in the stream of Poros so that the settlement in the future will have three different types of accesses: a modern bridge, the historic Bailey Bridge and the Irish crossing.

  1. A remark for the fellow Municipal Councilor and Engineer, Mr. Alexandros Pantelios who is a fanatical advocate of sustainable mobility, cycling, walking and hiking.

The Deputy Mayor of the area, the president of Poros and the staff of the Municipality are in Poros day and night, available to help anyone in need. To take medicine or shopping to any elderly person, to any needy person in need in Arayala and to those who do not have mobility problems, who do not need it. The Municipality is there to assist, dear colleague. But sorry Alexander, how many of the residents of Aragia could not walk 5 minutes to the bridge or drive their car to the bridge and then cross on foot and do their shopping in the market of Poros? Is it that difficult?

It is known that in these cases, the only ones who do not complain are the elderly and the helpless. You do not hear any complaints from them. They are oligarchs. The so-called complaints are from the youngest and the healthiest.

We have become very delicate, fragile and “do not touch me”. We are left without electricity for 2 or 3 hours and we get amok, 2 raindrops fall on our head and we spoil the people and we put up with the Municipality and the State, we can not cross the stream of Poros for 3, 4 or 5 hours “on board” and we are obliged to go shopping or coffee while walking and then we behave as if the fate of the world has come.

Sometimes I feel unlucky that I do not belong to this elite of personalities who are bothered in the slightest.

The sense of proportion has been lost.

  1. For the fellow Municipal Councilor Mr. Angelos Konstantakis, who with micro-posts of unbearable lightness on Facebook seems to have dismembered his memory from the part of the body where he is according to human anatomy and to hold it in his palm together with the his cell phone.

Dear colleague, last night in the Rhythmic Gymnastics hall in the closed “Antonis Tritsis”, the officials had irradiated colorful buckets in which water was dripping from the rotten and unmaintained roof of the sports facility. On the basketball court, pieces of cardboard were laid on the floor in combination with cotton bath towels to collect the water coming in from the roof.

I walked and went up to the closed stands. From up there, they thought that this surreal image – the cardboard, the colorful buckets, the cotton towels, a mop lying on the floor in the middle of the floor, a small group of athletes huddled in a section of the court trying to play basketball -, This image is a real work of art that has been sculpted with years of effort. He would definitely have received good reviews at the Venice Biennale.

  1. 7. And one last remark for the fellow Municipal Councilor Mr. Nikolaos Papadatos. Dear colleague, in your post you explain to us what your own logic says about the bridge of Poros in contrast to the logic of the Municipal Authority of Michalatos.

But my dear, being Deputy Mayor of Eleios – Pononeos in the recent past, your logic does not “say”. He has already said and given samples to scribes. Maybe the new Municipal Association that you have joined – and that a few months before the elections, after mutual concessions, will join that of Mr. Parisis, for the common good – will be called “Municipality of Argostoli: Present and Future”, but so are you as well as your leader Mr. Anousakis have a rich past and numerous political stamps in your booklet.

So your past has shown that you managed the bridge of Poros for a decade with the logic of the “Bridge of Arta”, the logic of “sew – remove”. The inhabitants of Poros know. In a standard bridge to accept vehicles up to 10 tons, you allow the passage of 20 ton vehicles without performing the necessary support works, with the result that the bridge is slowly dismantled and there is a risk of a serious accident.

For years we have been watching you perform patchwork, temporary and temporary operations. For a decade you did not succeed or you were not really interested in making it. Why should the citizen of Poros believe that you will build it in the future?

The Municipal Authority of Michatos, however, fixes it within 24 months.

Next door, you left the Municipal Store of Poros with a huge hole in the roof, the tiles were broken, the attic was flooded and moldy and the windows of the building were rotten. The Municipal Authority of Michalatou, however, within 170 months spent 170,000 euros and repaired them. Why should the resident of Poros trust you now?

On Mesolongiou Street in Aragia, you left the road fallen and closed and the houses there blocked by the year 2014, by the earthquakes. However, the Municipal Authority of Michalatos auctioned the project within 24 months and in less than a month the Contractor will begin the restoration of the road. For 6 years you did not restore Mesolongiou Street. Why should the resident of Poros trust you now?

A little further down, in the stadium of 5×5, where half of the road has been cut by the earthquakes, you put warning columns to avoid an accident but you never built the necessary wall to restore the passability of the road. months the project was auctioned and in less than a month the Contractor will start the construction of the wall. Why should the resident of Poros trust you now?

On the other hand, in the port of Poros for a decade you promised the residents and the professionals that you will install a floating platform to increase the capacity of the port in mooring places for tourist boats. You never did. The Municipal Authority of Michalatou, however, in less than 24 months, studied, auctioned and installed a floating platform for mooring tourist boats 60 meters long. So why should the professional of Poros trust you in the future?

A little further up, in the historic Tourist Pavilion of Poros, the entire west side of the roof has been dismantled for years now and water is flowing into the building alive. You have not been moved to maintain the building for so many years. The Municipal Authority of Michalatou, however, has put 90,000 euros in its technical program and is already preparing the study for the restoration of the building.

The list is very long, but the time will come for the report. For now, if you really want to help the situation that prevails in the estuary of the stream of Poros, and you and your new leader, put on your flippers and your mask and help DEYAK to put into operation the two flooded sewage pumping stations that you built in the riverbed or put on your tie and suit and come to the Administrative Court next month to defend DEYAK in the lawsuit filed by the Contractor of the Resource Sewerage project against the former Municipality of Kefalonia and claiming 500,000 euros in stalia.

This is the reality that neither catastrophe nor lies can blur.

Dionysis Minetos

Deputy Mayor of Technical Works and Civil Protection of the Municipality of Argostoli.


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