Dionysis Minetos (deputy technical works mayor): Update on issues around the island

Cosmos studio 96.5 hosted the deputy mayor of technical works, Dionysis Minetos, for a full-length discussion.

He started by referring to the areas affected by bad weather in the past weeks (Thinia-Agia Efimia) and as he said actions have been taken and the containment basins have been cleaned to prevent similar images in the future.

Before starting to answer the questions, Mr. Minetos emphasized that the Municipal Authority wants to hear and speak with the public and is one of the principles of the party. “The mayor attends community meetings and listens to the problems of residents,” he said characteristically, however, noting that people should be patient as many problems that cannot be resolved within a month, however, have already been addressed in various ways. points and began to improve the daily lives of the citizens. “Projects take time, we are preparing studies,” he added.

The topics discussed were many. Reference was made to the Tzanata stadium and Mr Minetos made it clear that the stadium had been observed for a very long time, and even before it was taken over. Wanting to comment and occupations in schools agreed that the building of 1 st and 2 nd Lyceum has errors from the design stage, as there was no traffic study was necessary, as well as in the building there is no outlet for eisodos- People with disabilities.

“The technical service has been operating for a month. There is not enough staff. There are no studies and the NSRF is “running” and has tough rules “were the deputy mayor’s words to give a picture of what the new municipal authority has received but to make it clear that there are several weaknesses and efforts are made to get everything in place. series.

Extensive reference was made to the works that have been done by the previous municipal authority (sidewalk around the square, redevelopment in Maistato) and as Mr Minetos said: “The works were welcomed, however, and the contractor’s obligation was to correct, once they are marked. But there is no intention from the contractor and we are trying for a fair receipt. ”

On the very serious issue of traffic, Mr. Minetos pointed out that there is a dossier ready to be studied and costs 90,000 euros. However, the study of the ring road from Φαραώ (this is the area the present bypass ends at junction for Lassi ) to the orphanage will also be examined. As he also said, there will be additional projects that the study will reveal.

And parking lots, an important issue with suggestions from the municipal authority. “The mayor had a meeting with the HRADF to discuss the demolition of the police building, with demolition, which would be borne by the municipality and parking would be created,” the deputy mayor revealed.

Although not in his area of ​​responsibility, he also mentioned the issue of organic (sewate works near Lassi), saying that next year everything will be done to prevent the unpleasant summer smells. Also, the asbestos pipes will be replaced, where even in the areas of Ellios and Pronnoi, the remaining sewage connections will be made.

Mr Minetos said at the end that by the end of their term they would have completed all their pre-election commitments and gone ahead!

source – 965.gr

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