Disinfection of public spaces by the Municipality of Argostoli continues

In the context of the protection of Public Health, the Municipality continued its disinfection yesterday in the coastal zone of Argostoli, in the area of ​​Fanari Agioi Theodoroi, as well as in the surrounding areas of the Elderly House, the Hospital and the Police.
Today the workshops have disinfected the squares and central points of the People’s Homes, Faraklata, Dilinata, Omala, Troinata and Keramies

Finally, we would like to inform you that in the midst of cronyism and unprecedented situations, the Mayor has chosen to work with his associates quietly and effectively. He wastes no time responding to myths and distorted news.

Having the understanding and support of our fellow citizens, which seems to bother some circles, he continues his work with deeds and works.

From the Mayor’s Office


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