Distance learning to start tomorrow for primary schools (ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ) via TV and PC

The educational television through ERT is employed by the Ministry of Education for the education of pupils of primary school. Modern distance learning courses are set for elementary school from 8 am to 12 noon, high school from 12 noon to 4 pm and high school from 8 am to 4 pm afternoon.

In particular, Education Minister of the opposition parties informed by phone yesterday the Minister responsible Niki Kerameos, about the package of initiatives taken by the ministry, due to the suspension of schools due to measures against the spread of coronavirus.

The Minister spoke with Mr Nikos Filis of SYRIZA, Mrs Kefalidou of KINAL, Mr Kyriakos Ioannides of the KKE, Mr Dimitra Kritikou of the Greek Solution, and Mr Geratimos Lympas of the Greek Solution. 25, and informed them about the axes of distance education. Specifically, in the context of modern education (that is, a digital classroom with direct student-teacher contact), Ms Kerameos referred to the priority given to the high school and in particular to the candidates for the Pan-Hellenic Examinations, from which live distance learning began. . Students can connect online and over the phone, so no one can be excluded. According to her, modern education has already expanded to all high schools in the country,

For asynchronous education (mainly with posting material) the Minister informed the Education Officers about the operation of the Ministry’s platforms (Pan-Hellenic School Network, E-class, E-me) and the existing digital educational material (Photodenter, Asepos, E-). books). Asynchronous education is already applied to all levels of education, and educational television is also being launched via ERT. 

From our personal experience you should by now have email communication from your school and access code to get into myschool or similar website so asynchronous teaching can happen with the children’s own teachers.


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