A dietician explains why it’s good to eat banana peel!

Until now you were definitely throwing banana peels. But if you knew that banana peels have a lot of nutritional value, would you not think about it again?

Nutritionist Susie Barrel said banana peels not only help to make a better smoothie or a fantastic cake, but they will also enhance your dietary intake. “Specifically, you will increase the amount of fiber you consume by at least 10%, as a lot of fiber is in the banana peel,” the dietitian wrote in her blog, adding that you will get 20% more vitamin B6 and 20% more vitamin C. , as well as more potassium and magnesium.

Don’t eat it like that, cook it
As for eating banana peel, the dietitian does not recommend eating it simply. “Conversely, cooking the peel to soften it will help break down the cell walls, making it easier to absorb the nutrient.” Foods you can eat with banana peel include smoothies, muffins , banana bread and curry.

Also, the dietitian says that depending on the color of the banana peel, the nutrients are different. “Bananas with a pale yellow hue have a higher proportion of antioxidants associated with cancerous effects, while the greener color (less ripe bananas) is particularly rich in the amino acid tryptophan associated with good sleep quality,” Suzy Barrel said. At the same time, the green parts of the banana peel are rich in starch, which is known to benefit the health of the gut.

Banana peel also helps the bowel function
Nutritionist Ella Allendt had previously told the Daily Mail that “while banana flakes may seem like a curious food choice, further research has shown that there are nutritional benefits as well.” As he said: “The extra fiber in the banana peel will definitely help the normal functioning of the gut. Also, the magnesium, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6 it offers is not something to be overlooked. ”

One more thing to keep in mind is weight loss thanks to high fiber. Susie Barrel said that if you don’t want to cook or eat banana flakes, there are many other uses for everyday life. “Cooking the meat over the banana peel will help to increase the moisture content of any meal, while also making a very nice vinegar,” he said.


Not long ago, Australian dietician Ryan Pinto had shared a graphic about the various benefits and why eating too much bananas can be a great idea. According to Ryan, green bananas are full of starch and low in Fodmap. ” “This nutrient makes your digestive system work harder. It’s also the reason why green bananas give you a sense of satiety faster, “he wrote. However, starch in green bananas can also invite you to bloat.

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