Do you know your Horta??

Note – this class will be in Greek but as most is literally field work could still be of interest

It’s the time when wild greens or cabbage have their honorable in our kitchen. Their nutritional value is high, which is why they were a nutritional solution in difficult times. But what are these greens? How and when do we collect them? Which one is for boiled which for tsigaria and which for boiled?
About thirty species of edible plants in kefalonia are edible, we start by learning about a few species we use mainly as boiled.
Our first meeting is on Saturday 8 February at the botanical garden, the workshop will have a small theoretical place and then practical in selected fields.
In between we will be fed with greens to learn the taste of what we will gather.
The idea came up in the field during the collection with dear Mrs. Charíkleia get who was excited to share her knowledge!
For more information about the workshop and declaration of participation please contact the fokas-Kosmetato Foundation 26710 26595


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