Dog in distress reported last night – The location is just above the Gerasimos Cave Church

Some tourists asked for help tonight at the Olive Lounge Lassi, where just below there they had heard a dog in distress down a steep cliff where it is all overgrown. The location is just above the Gerasimos Cave Church on the left hand side coming up from the Sea front.The first informant was certain the dog was in trouble or injured.

I made my way there with the rescue unit/ladders rope etc to search and heard the dog. But as I made my way towards the crying it stopped. After that I didn`t hear the dog. It was very steep and difficult terrain with brambles and undergrowth. George Potamianos from Outdoor Kefalonia together with Irini and several other of his friends helped me and there was 9 of us altogether. We still couldn`t pinpoint the animal so the search was called off at about midnight.

Please if anyone is passing that way, please let me know if you hear a dog crying just off the steep road about 20 mtrs above the Church (Gerasimos Cave) Kefalonia on the left of the road. Thank you.

contact Peter Lee if you hear or see this dog

source – FB post of Peter Lee on Friends of Animals Kefalonia Group

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