Dog Missing from Car in Accident at Argostoli Lagoon yesterday

A white canine dog was lost from the car in the fatal accident yesterday

Yesterday morning after the serious traffic at the lagoon Argostoli, one of the two dogs in the car was scared off the road and it was impossible for him to be caught family members who were notified.

It is likely to be around the Razata and the wider region or its need for water to force it to come down to Koutavagos Lagoon, but it is small, frightened and apparently disoriented.

Let us have our minds both on the roadside and around to find it as soon as possible. The family is already tested by the loss of their own person.

Until now, it has not been found and the family appeals to anyone who sees something immediately to call 6944228908.

The photo is not related to the dog, but shows it’s body shape.

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