Doris ARK Cut the new year cake and award ceremony

Ladies and gentlemen Good evening
Thank you very much for your presence today, which is our special honor.
This is the fourth consecutive year that we are organizing our pie cutting in this modern school complex .. and this is possible thanks to the sensitivity of Principal Mr. Cosmatos Yiannis and the teachers of the 2nd Argostoli High School, as part of the volunteering program, and whom we warmly thank.

In the temporary residence of ARK in Industrial Area. approximately 280 stray dogs and 100 cats are housed.
On a daily basis, all the necessary actions are taken to keep the site clean, to feed all the animals mentioned, to carry out all the necessary veterinary operations, namely vaccinations, depopulations, examinations, etc. the physical presence of our veterinarians and their guidance as well as the proper preparation of the facilities to remain accessible to the public who wishes to make contact with the shelter animals, or to volunteer to assist in the work, or to preach some of them or offer their donations and caresses or at best prepare some new adoptions !!!

We take care of about 70 stray animals in different parts of our city, and there are many that our fellow citizens take care of on their own and in consultation with us, raising their true total to an extremely large number.
The former Municipality of Kefalonia was one of the municipalities in Greece that had been aligned with most of the requirements of the new Animal Law 4039/12 and Articles 46 and 47 of the Ministry of Rural Development Bill 4235/14 concerning changes and improvements to existing legislation. , and we hope that the new Municipal Authority of the now enlarged Municipality of Argostoli will continue to show the same serious animal profile and have the continuity of our loving cooperation.

We want to believe the same thing with the other two newly established Municipalities of our island.
So we welcome the new 5-member stray animal management committee and of course its new chairman Michalis Moschona, who alone guarantees its smooth operation !!

Many Dogs, Cats, Pigeons, Bats, Swans, Ducklings, Horses, Sparrows, Storks, Crows are the animals we managed and rescued last year !!!
In total we have made 107 legal and completely traceable animal adoptions, with the lion’s share being made overseas of which 43 in our island and neighboring Ithaca !!!

The resettlement of neutered and vaccinated animals in their collection sites is still in infancy as the difficulties remain significant !!!

The operation of the space you are intended to make simple veterinary operations by volunteer veterinarians who wish, is somewhere locked in the cogs of the bureaucracy..the space is ready, the doctors are waiting and we are still hoping for the municipality to finally give the site away. Our club or, finally, to clarify their moods for what they want so that we can officially explain to our donors and sponsors who have believed and supported our vision through donations… 

We thank warmly ..
In the former Municipality of Kefalonia, with former President Mr. Kourkoumeli Ilias for our good cooperation, the members of the five-member Monitoring Committee for Stray Pet Management and Children, in the Department of Local Economic Development in the Department of Agriculture and Livestock Breeding and the Corps for our good cooperation
The media of our island that perform their function perfectly, support us and promote the actions of our club.
The veterinarians of our island who really honor their function.
All of our volunteers who have spent more or less time with us in the shelter and returning home make every effort to help us. Participate in bazaars, organize dance shows, convey the message of our effort, establish affiliates with friends us.
The professionals on our island and all our sponsors who are extremely supportive of us in this adverse financial environment.
The Vice Mayor Spyros Samouri who is always with us.
Ms. Vaso Leventakou for the excellent presentation of the program.
All of you who, with the love and confidence that surrounds us, arm us with strength to continue our endeavor. Your daily presence and the reflexes you show in every call we render to you are especially moving.
The foreign animal clubs we work with on many levels
A big, heartfelt thank you to my fellow musicians for their presence today.

We wish you all a Happy New Year with health and happiness.

Honorary plaques received for their animal friendly attitude:
1. Eleni Pandou
2. Annet Artani
3. Christopher and Natalie Howcroft
4. Kevin Hanks
5. Charley & Tim Clarke
6. Esmeralda Tack
7. Dany Samek
8. Victoria Tyrer and Ryan Rhodes
9. Lucy Watson
10. Daphne Gielen and Mattheus Gorgosz
11. Wesley den Mulder and Paulien Geenen
12. Colin Dodd
13. Sue & Peter Rowswell

Honorary compliments received from the Municipality of Argostoli and Doris-Ark for their animal friendly attitude:
1. Marianthi Yakoumatou
2.Medi Comet
3. Panagis Comet
4. Antonia Vasiliou
5. Christos Kalogiratos
6. Ioannis Kounadis & Sophia Konidari
7. Marianna Kalafati
8 . George Potamianos
9. Helen POLE
10. Nicholas Kavalieratos
11. Artemis Staveris
12. Gerassimos & Sheryl Salmon
13. Kanakis Anastasia
14. Dimitris Gavrielatos
15. Alexios Kourtesis, Kallina Mamouti Sunday Platsatoura Dimitra
16. Harry and Paula Cox
17. Karen and Brian Boosey
18. Azzie Norbury and Tiim Rossitter
19. James Anderson
20. John, Denise, Thomas and Holly Freimanis
21. Declan Swart
22. Fitz
23. Zakari Wale
24. Monique & Fred Tegelaar
25. Jonathan Holmes
26. Tommy Joyce
27. Elke Torfs
28. Griet Hoydonckx
29. Diana Letizia
30. Malin Kildalen Haslestad
31. Elaine Twistle
32. Max Winters
33. Kelly Jones
34. Marilyn & Paul
35. Sadie Woods
36. Kevin King & Makenzie Quinn
37. Tom & Lucy, Hannah & Ben and Paula Tegg
38. Guy Flakes & Ine Leenen
39. Ruben van der Vliet & Rimke van Nisselrooy
40. Marylene Paes
41. Bente Vogels
42. Anna Lagendaal
43. Paulien van Leeuwen
44. Henri van Andel
45. Lars Sap & Wopje van Andel
46. ​​Hetty Korenromp
47. Katja Salg
48. Gerard Mulder
49. Belinda Lageweg
50. Laura Blömer
51. Moniek van Rijen
52. Willem Delfgou & Monique van Asperen
53. Silia Bonesi & Giacomo Bonesi
54. Rob Vollmer
55. Tjitte Reyntjes
56. Anicura Verwijskliniek Dordrecht

ARGOSTOLI 15/02/2020


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