Driver’s license: Digitally the renewal – What the digital wallet will contain

All procedures for the renewal of driving licenses and the issuance of copies of traffic licenses will now be done digitally . The presentation of the two new digital applications was made by the Minister of Digital Government Kyriakos Pierrakakis.

The electronic review of driving licenses concerns the renewal of the following categories:

Professional driving licenses that are renewed every five years and other driving licenses, which are renewed every three years if the holder is over 65 years old. According to the provisions of the recent law (n.4850 / 2021) the citizens – drivers can visit any doctor they wish and after their examination the certificates will be sent electronically to the Directorates of Transport, as well as the submission of the other supporting documents (application – photo for printing).

After the printing of the driving license by the Police, the citizen, if he wishes, will state if he wants the driving license to be sent to his house by cash on delivery. The relevant decision as a secondary legislation of the above law has been signed by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and has been sent to the Ministries of Health and Digital Government. Following the publication of this decision, the implementation of the electronic review will begin. The purpose of this regulation is to serve the citizens by relieving them of their personal presence at the Directorates of Transport, the best medical examination since the doctor will have access with the AMKA to the file of the examined and the fight against corruption.

For the issuance of a copy of the license of a passenger car and two-wheeler for private use due to loss, theft or damage, until today, the interested parties came to the competent Directorates of Transport of the Region and submitted an application and a responsible statement of law 1599/89. This procedure is abolished and the electronic application of this request is replaced. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has supplemented the current legislation and enables the citizens to be served electronically and to avoid the personal presence in the Directorates of Transport of the Region.


Unified system for transit cards for people with disabilities

Mr. Karamanlis also expressed the intention of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to create a unified system for transit cards for people with disabilities. “People with disabilities are entitled to free passage on several highways. People are suffering right now. And why do they suffer? Because for each concession they will have to show a different license, they will have to show different papers. So we would like to see if we can do this inside a transceiver so that these people do not suffer. “I think this is simple,” said Mr. Karamanlis.

All digital applications

Issuance of a temporary driving license

The printing of driving licenses is done by the Passport Directorate of the Hellenic Police.
Before printing, the competent Directorate of Transport of the Region sends the photos by courier to the Police in order to print the permit.
This process took a long time, and young drivers (especially professionals) were urgently asking for driver’s licenses, resulting in strong protests. Many times they even used illegal means in order to speed up the issuance of the driver’s license.
With the introduction of the temporary driving license, these phenomena were greatly reduced. Today, after the successful examination, in a period not exceeding 48 hours, the driver receives on his mobile phone the temporary driving license, which is valid for (4) months, a period sufficient until the final driving license is printed . To date, 261,154 temporary driving licenses have been issued. The result of this process is to serve the people and reduce corruption.

Issuance of copies of driving licenses due to loss, wear, replacement with a new type

The same procedure for printing – issuing driving licenses, as described above for new licenses, is followed in cases of issuing copies of driving licenses due to loss, theft or damage as well as replacement with a new type of driving license.
In this case, too, there were long delays, resulting in the same phenomena (pressure – corruption).
The introduction of the electronic application for the above cases will relieve the citizens from the stress and the long wait.
To date, 12,423 driving licenses have been issued electronically.
The purpose of the Ministry is with its interventions to the Regional Governors to impose on the Transport Directorates of the Region to have priority service of the cases of electronic submission of applications for the above cases, in order to make this application attractive to all citizens.

Issuance of a marketing authorization note within the ring

Following the decision to restore the Ring in the center of Athens and the circulation of passenger cars and trucks with a gross weight of less than 2200 kg with emissions less than CO2 <120 gr, the Information Department of the Ministry in collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Government relevant electronic platform so that citizens can print the relevant entry permit.

Other settings planned

Car Wallet

In collaboration with the IT Department of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the Ministry of Finance and Digital Government, in the standards of the wallet type application for the Covid-19 vaccination certificate, the Car Wallet application is designed, which will include:

– Driver’s License
– License Vehicle
– Traffic Fees
– KTEO Certificate
– Copy of Vehicle Insurance Contract,
– Vehicle Maintenance History, etc.

Electronic transfer of licenses for Private Use Passengers and Bicycles

The transfer of the licenses of Private Use Passengers and Bicycles with the current procedure is done in person or with an authorized presence at the Transport Directorates of the Region after the foreseen transfer fees have been paid.
One of the immediate priorities of the Ministry is the establishment of this procedure electronically so that the citizens can carry out these operations without the obligatory presence in the Transport Directorates of the Region or in the KEP and for this reason it is in consultation with the Ministry of Digital Government for implementation. of.

Issuance of grade certificates in the Driver Behavior Control System (SESO)

With the current legislation, in the Informatics system of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the penalty points of each driver are registered when they are sent by the competent Services of the Hellenic Police Traffic. Then, after the accumulation of the foreseen points, the deed of removal is issued and the citizen is informed about the time of revocation of the driving license and the time that must be taken for examinations for the re-issuance of the driving license.
This process in practice has proven to be time consuming, with the result that drivers receive the removal operations after 2-3 years, when the imposition of the penalty no longer has the required added value.
The intention of the Ministry is to digitize this system. Infringements should be sent electronically and deductions should be issued immediately.
Also, this system should be accessible to the interested citizens so that they can be informed about the degrees of punishment for violations they have committed in order to be careful in their driving.

Issuance of Digital Tachograph Cards

Digital Tachograph cards apply to all Truck and Bus drivers.
The digitization of this process will result in the service of professional Drivers in order to avoid their personal presence in the Directorates of Transport in the Regions.
Special services will be provided to professional drivers who carry out international transports who will be able to submit their request from any place.

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