Drogarati & Melissani Cave – New opening hours and Health Protocols

Opening hours

Melisanni caves 9.30 am – 5.30 pm
Drogarati caves 9.30 am. – 5.30 pm

Drogaratis & Melissani Cave health protocols

  1. A minimum distance of 2 meters between people must be observed indoors. Based on these requirements and the available area for visitors (Drogarati Cave 2,500 m2) it is stipulated that at any time in the Drogarati Cave can NOT be more than 100 visitors. In Melissani Lake Cave based on square and based on boat capacity at any time can NOT be more than 60 visitors.
  1. This limit also determines the maximum number of people in the closed waiting areas.
  1. The boats are boarded by a maximum of 7 visitors (the official protocol under normal circumstances is 15 people) and sit in places that will have been indicated by the boat operators (boatmen).
  1. A minimum distance of 1.5 meters between employees must be observed in the operational areas.
  1. Indoor areas should be well ventilated. For air conditioning, only open circuit air conditioners are allowed.
  1. Indoors should be disinfected with a solution of chlorine dioxide (recommended drug of EODY dalko 100) 10: 1, ie 10 parts water and 1 part chlorine dioxide, before and after each use. This also applies to bathrooms. For outdoor use we use sodium hypochlorite. For surfaces that are likely to be damaged by the use of sodium hypochlorite, 70% ethanol may be used. Special emphasis should be given to surfaces that are often touched (knobs, switches, handrails, etc.).
  1. There is special care for the handles, knobs, switches and handrails where they exist and for their regular disinfection.
  1. The Municipality of Sami has taken care in the framework of the implementation of this Protocol of Safe Use of the Caves due to COVID-19 for the thorough and frequent cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces with which both the visitors and the employees come in contact.
  1. There will be an antiseptic alcohol solution (70%) in the premises where both visitors and all employees are encouraged to use it regularly.


Instructions for Visitors

  1. In the areas of the Caves there is an antiseptic alcoholic solution (70%) which ALL guests are invited to use as well as gloves. The points where the antiseptic solution is available are
    1. Reception Area / Checkout
    2. Boarding / disembarking area on boats.
  1. ONLY those who wear a mask (cloth or disposable) board the boats. They should have a mask with them during the visit to the cave. In case they do not have a mask it will be supplied to them at
  1. All visitors will be registered in the Visitors Archive due to COVID-19. By registering they automatically give their permission (GDPR) to keep the records exclusively for the purposes of ensuring Public Health due to coronavirus and to be kept for as long as required and the risk lasts. In the case of families or multi-member missions, the records of a member or agent are kept on a case-by-case basis. 
    1. Name & Telephone or Agency or Accommodation.
  1. We recommend guests to use the toilets only in case of emergency. The patience of the visitors will be required in order to strictly observe the strict protocol of use for the hygiene of the employees and the visitors. The use of toilets can be done only after cleaning and disinfection. Ready to use are those toilets that have BLUE tape / marking that has been disinfected. Hygiene rules apply which include:


  1. Good ventilation,
  2. Closed basin lid before using the cistern,
  1. The use of paper or plastic disposable basin covers is desirable,
  1. Running water and soap supply, paper towels, foot-operated rubbish bin,
  1. Where it is possible to use equipment with a photocell or a foot switch (eg for tap, soap),
  1. Do not use a hand dryer,
  1. Queue with distances of 1.5 meters,
  1. Recommendation for use of non-medical mask,
  1. In case the sinks have been used for a long time, it is recommended to run hot water for 5 minutes before the first use.

All involved should demonstrate the necessary individual responsibility by protecting themselves and others.

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