Drogarati: The cave of incredible beauty discovered because of an earthquake ..


This miracle of nature, which cave scientists estimate to be 150 million years old, was discovered just 300 years ago, when a powerful earthquake in Haliotata, Kefalonia, near Sami, caused an opening thanks to its entrance.

The cave has been open since 1963 and since then thousands of people have flocked to enjoy the unique beauty of the landscape.

The cave is at 60 meters deep and any claustrophobia is overcome thanks to its incredible beauty. 

The cave does not exceed 100 meters and is divided into two rooms, the Royal Balcony, which hangs in translucent stalactites, and the Apothecary Room, a natural amphitheater with a vaulted ceiling of 20 meters high.

 Geologically, the Drogaratis cave ranks among the most valuable in Greece: stalactites and stalagmites of more than one hundred million years make up the unique landscape, with temperatures not exceeding 18 degrees Celsius.

Even more impressive .. The cave is “alive” and is still formed: moisture drops are rolled by its stalactites to grow them by about a hundredth in a hundred years!

The rocks inside the cave take many forms, creating sculptures of great visual and acoustic beauty, as in recent years the cave has occasionally been transformed into a concert hall for over 500 people.

Photo: greekguide.com

It is the only cave in Greece where concerts are organized! Its central hall is very large with dimensions of 65 × 45 meters and a height of about 20 meters and the acoustics of the space are unique!

In these cases the picture is more than magnificent. Mysterious, Dionysian. The cave lighting gives the Stalactites different shapes and the music – mostly classical – lifts the senses.

source -dinfo.gr

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