The Cave of Drogorati is included in the sights of Kefalonia that you must see definitely during your visit to the island.
It was discovered about 300 years ago, when a part of it went down due to strong earthquake and thus created the Originally, the cave has from the community of Haliotata, under the supervision of the spēleologist Ms. Anna Petrócheilou and since 1963 is open to the public all year round.

Drogorati cave is 3 km away fom Sami and at an altitude of 120 meters, its depth reaches 95 meters and its temperature is 18th Celsius. It is considered one of the best caves in Greece and is the only one with such a large hall (dimensions 65 x45 and height 20 meters approx) and from the

The Cave of dronkarátēs is alive as its creation continues. Drops fall from the stalagmites and of course you must in no way harm drops that are ready to fall because you destroy the cave that dates over 100 million years! A stalactite grows about an inch every hundred years.

The Hall, adorned with stalactites and stalagmites, has superb acoustic and is formed with a special platform for concerts. The two most important and larger caves are ankaláki cave and zerbátē cave.

To visit the cave you will come down from specially configured steps, which due to increased moisture is extremely dangerous and that is why it takes great attention


Source – FB post of Spyros Sakalis

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