Heavy rain and significant dust transfer from the African low that will affect southern parts of the country from the morning hours of Tuesday 14 January 2020

A barometric low that will move rapidly from the north coast of Africa to Crete will affect the weather in the southern parts of the country from the morning hours of Tuesday 14 January 2020 . Rainfalls, heavy rainfall, sporadic thunderstorms and strong east winds will be the main features of the upcoming bad weather. The following maps show the low center position (marked “L”), the total precipitation of the previous 12 hours, and the wind field for Tuesday night 14/1 to Wednesday 15/1 and for Wednesday noon 15/1.

Estimation of the location of low, total 12-hr and wind for the night of Tuesday 14/1 to Wednesday 15/1 (left) and Wednesday noon 15/1 (right)

The creation of such barometric lows is due to the difference in the characteristics of the surface dry gas masses over the Sahara Desert and the liquids above the Mediterranean waters . Winds in the middle and upper troposphere steer these systems, which have a shorter life span than the rest of the Mediterranean’s common barometric low. Their main feature is the steep rise in temperature and the transfer of dust east of them, as their warm fronts move rapidly toward the Mediterranean. Large amounts of African dust will affect the entire Eastern Mediterranean and in our country particularly Crete and the Dodecanese, as typically shown on the map below and showing the dust concentration near the ground at noon on Wednesday 14/1.

source -meteo.gr

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