E-Argostoli now has an app. to report problems and to get updates on duty pharmacies etc.

The operation of the e-argostoli application has been warmly welcomed by our fellow citizens. Everyday problems are submitted either electronically or live and find their solution immediately and effectively. To date, 1,940 Requests have been submitted and 1880 have been satisfied. The satisfaction rate exceeds 95%. It is also noteworthy that the average time of Satisfaction of requests is 1 Day.

The Municipality of Argostoli, in order to expand and facilitate even more the access and service of the citizens, provides the possibility for the application to be available on mobile phones as well.

The way is simple by following the following:

  1. Select the Play Store file (available on all ¨smart¨ mobiles) write ΔΗΜΟΤΗΣ ΑΡΓΟΣΤΟΛΙΟΥ and download the application on our mobile phone,
  2. We enter the application ¨Citizen of Argostoli¨ that has already been downloaded to our mobile phone,
  3. We are registering (email will be required) and the Municipality of Argostoli is on our Mobile!

In addition to the Reporting of Everyday Problems from this application we receive useful information for the operation of Services, Press Releases of the Municipality, Events, On-duty Pharmacies, Hospitals etc. We also evaluate, participate and consult with our Municipality on important issues through Questionnaires.

Information on how to use the application is provided on the e-argostoli and on the Citizen line, phone 2671026999

From the Mayor’s Office

The kefalonia Pulse footnote

Just tried this easier to search for the app in English by typing argostoli, screenshot below

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