€370,000 for Kefalonia for supply of medical equipment in hospitals and €600,000 overall for the Ionian Islands

Responding to a question from the leader of the “Ionian Alliance” faction, Spyros Spyros, regarding the actions and the acceleration of the procedures for the utilization of the NSRF for strengthening the health sector, the Deputy Regional Governor for Social Cohesion and the Deputy Regional Governor for Electronic Government and European Programs Konstantinos Kapodistrias, the tender for the provision of medical equipment for Covid-19 in the hospitals of the Region is already underway, with the direct implementation of procedures by the hospital institutions.

In particular, based on the records of the requests of the Commanders of the Hospitals, the total amount for the supply of medical equipment, such as decompression devices, respirators and specialized materials, amounts to 600,000 euros.
More specifically per Regional Unit:
Zakynthos: 87,000 euros
Corfu: 40,000 euros
Kefalonia: 370,000 euros
Lefkada: 79,000 euros

“The upgrade of health in the Ionian Islands is of primary importance and priority and we make every effort to contribute to the upgrade of the services that our Region needs for our residents and visitors. We try to use every financial tool, not only the NSRF “, said Mr. Zorbas.

In addition, as announced by Mr. Zorbas, in the near future the program contract will be signed with the 6th Health District for the upgrade of the building infrastructure and the equipment of the 12 Health Centers of the Region.
At the same time, the procedures for the supply of two floating ambulances and the installation of an organized telemedicine system in all the Regional Units, with a budget of 500,000 euros, are starting.

It is noted that in the Operational Program “Ionian Islands 2014-2020” have already been included the operations “SUPPLY OF 5 PATIENTS 4X2 AND 4 MOBILE UNITS FOR THE NEEDS OF THE ACTIVITY AND EXPENSIVE ACTION 73” IN THE REGION OF ION Zakynthos Hospital “with a budget of 853,904.92 euros.

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