€460 Raised for KATs and Wildlife Sense Kefalonia

Tonight a magnificent charity event organised by Karen Katerina Woodman manager at the Simpson Travel Avithos Beach Resort raised  €460 which was split equally between KATs and Wildlife Sense Kefalonia  charities on the island to support the superb work they are doing for the animal’s of the island.

The evening was spent on the Queen Bee who kindly allowed free use of their boat for a trip to Vardiani island and into the sunset viewed off the coast of Paliki which is a wonderful trip and comes highly recommended by most people who have enjoyed the hospitality of the brothers as well as the cruise itself.

During the trip donations were made, a nautical themed quiz was held and a raffle with prizes kindly donated by many people for free as well as lots of fun, food, swimming and catching up with friends.

A pleasant evening was had with a great group of people and a magnificent sum was raised for charities on the island, well done to all involved in organising and supporting this event.

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