Early elections in June announced by Tsipras after the crash in European Elections

Alexis Tsipras announces the early recourse to the polls -Photo: EUROKINISSI / TATIANA BOLARI
Early elections immediately after the second round of municipal elections, Alexis Tsipras announced in his first statement after the results of the European elections, in which SYRIZA suffered a strategic defeat as it lost 9.4 points.

“Four years now we have been in unprecedented difficulties. Against the current. But always with our dignity, our honesty and the support of the Greek people, “Alexis Tsipras said in his statement.

“We took the country out of the vanguard of the memorandums, we finally managed to retreat and as soon as we recovered, we set the plan for the next day of the homeland in the Greek people’s judgment. A relief plan for many, a recovery plan for the Greek economy, “he said.

“We asked with bravery the confidence of the Greek people”
“We demanded with bravery the Greek people’s trust in our plan. In the relief measures, in the process of rebuilding society and the country. So that no one can challenge them, “the prime minister said in his statement.

“So that those who are wandering in and out of the country can not take them back, take back the sacrifices and labors of the Greek people,” added Alexis Tsipras.

“The result is not worthy of our expectations”
“The election result, despite the fact that SYRIZA’s position as a protagonist in the political controversy is building up, is not worthy of our expectations. It does not suit me, I have never done it, and I will not do it now and ignore this result, “he said.

“Our devotion to the people is not a regular option. It is a moral obligation. It is an inviolable rule. It is our soul. It is my soul. Today’s result gives the opposition the right to challenge the course of exit from the crisis altogether, and our plan to support the many, to challenge this historic project in general. Already does, “Al said. Tsipras.

“I will ask for an immediate announcement of national elections”
“But the final verdict always belongs to the people. It belongs to you. I will not escape, nor put it on my feet, nor give up on the struggle for equality, solidarity and social justice. Immediately after the second round of municipal elections, I will ask the President of the Republic for the immediate announcement of national elections, “he said.

And he concluded: “In order for the Greek people to be the only one who will make the final decision: If he wants to continue with a plan to support the many or if he wants to return to the darkness of austerity, the IMF, yesterday we all have all lived. ”

Welcoming the elections says ND
“Mr. Tsipras, under the burden of an overwhelming defeat, was forced to call for national elections. The Greeks with their vote gave the solution. And they will pave the way for a bright Greece. ”
Source –  iefimerida.gr 

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