Earthquake in Crete: Damage, landslides and panic from 6.3 Richter

The earthquake “hit” again in Crete but this time not in Arkalochori. The new strong earthquake had a magnitude of 6.3 on the Richter scale and shook the whole island while there was also tsunami warning.

It was 12:24 on Tuesday (12.10.2021) when the new strong earthquake occurred, which finally was 6.3 Richter and was felt throughout eastern Crete and the islands of the southern Aegean.

The strong earthquake that shook Crete and the islands of the southern Aegean, where it was felt, was centered on the sea area, 23 km east of Zakros and focal depth of 8.2 km. Two aftershocks followed, close to 4 Richter, while there was also a 4.6 magnitude earthquake in Karpathos.

Although seismologists seem to conclude that this is the main earthquake the possibility of a new vibration is not ruled out and therefore there is vigilance. The schools were already empty of students as both the parents rushed to pick up their children and the teachers took the children out of the classrooms. Public buildings were also evacuated . From the information so far only small landslides are reported in some parts of the road network of Sitia but no injuries have been reported .  

The 6.3 magnitude earthquake lasted 29 seconds and fluctuated  upsetting the residents who wherever they were came out in panic on the road.

There is damage to buildings mainly cracks while the church of Agios Nikolaos in Sitia at Farmakokefalo where the archeological site of Ziros is located  collapsed . The earthquake that was strongly felt and lasted, caused damage to shops in Xirokampos, as shelves and products fell  while according to the president of the Local Community of Ziros Alexandra Papathanasaki, there have been reports of rock landslides in various parts of the region.

From the first moment, citizens took to the streets in order to find an open place to protect themselves.

A small tsunami warning was issued and that is why Gerasimos Papadopoulos asked the citizens to move away from the shores.

No problem in Rethymno

The big earthquake in Crete was also felt in Rethymno, causing the expected concern to the residents.

No problems have been reported to the competent bodies of Rethymnon, with the civil protection and the collaborating bodies being on constant alert.

As the vice-governor Maria Lioni stated in APE BPE, there was direct communication with the education directorates of the prefecture “… and as we were told there is no problem. “But I would like to say to my fellow citizens that they must follow the instructions from the civil protection side regarding earthquake protection measures, which concern the whole of Crete.”

Ms. Lioni said that many visits have been made to schools and together with the teachers the students have attended classes on earthquake protection and those related to their personal safety. “It is important for citizens to check their homes, balconies and flats on their own, in order to identify any cracks or other issues and problems that they should report to the services.”

The Egelados plan was activated

By order of the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Christos Stylianidis, the General Plan for Emergency Response and Immediate / Short-term Management of the consequences of the “EGKELADOS” earthquakes was immediately implemented by the General Secretariat:

All the Civil Protection forces have been activated immediately to deal with the consequences of the earthquake, while the 3rd Special Unit for Disaster Management (EMAK) of the Fire Brigade is on high alert, as are all the forces of the Region.

The Police are conducting patrols by ground and air means for surveillance in the wider area of ​​southeastern Crete, while in cooperation with the Coast Guard there is increased readiness in the coastal zone for the possibility of a tsunami.

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