Earthquake in Ilia – Celentis: Whatever it is will be done in a month!

As he says: “In the case of the prefecture of Ilia there is a question. I am concerned to hear responsible bodies and heads of sector officials say that they can make five Richter in the region at most and that the phenomenon we are watching is commonplace. But I remind you that since January we had the opinion with Professor Varrosos, because of some signals we had received from the stations of Pyrgos and Patras, that the region of Western Greece will have some seismic stimulation. That’s what has happened in recent days. “

And he says:

 “Residents should not listen to these reassuring voices. They have to take the basic safety measures. Do not place heavy objects high, keep children from playing near ruins, not to leave children near the beach with the buckets, because a small tsunami, even half a meter, can cause problems. “

When an earthquake can occur, he said: “The phenomenon is evolving. My own appreciation is that we can also have a continuation of another phenomenon. It is criminal to hear voices saying that there have been earthquakes in the area of ​​5 Richter while we know that there have been earthquakes of the order of 6 Richter.Tselentis always tells the truth and wants the world up to date because only then does he know what to do. I believe that the area is still excited and we are most likely to have a strong earthquake, of course the earthquake can also be made in the sea so in this case there will be no problem, it can be done at some point on the land outside the residential web. However, it is going to be done in a month . 

And he concludes: “What I have to say is that because we enter a tourist season, those who have tourist accommodation in the area have to look at them and inform the world about what to do in the event of an earthquake.”

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