Easter Sunday: What is allowed and what is forbidden – What applies to travel

Easter Sunday today and despite the coronavirus and the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the traditional, family table will have its honorary

The measures in force for today Easter Sunday
So today the citizens are invited to spend the holiday in a close family circle. Specifically, only for today, Easter Sunday, it is possible for two families to gather up to 9 people indoors and up to 12 people if it is an outdoor space, in order to bake and enjoy the traditional spear.

The journey will be done by sending the SMS to 13033 with the code 6, while it is recommended to perform a previous home self-test (self-test) to those who participate in these concentrations. Experts have already given the “green light” for inter-municipal travel , but the ban on moving from county to county remains.

The traffic ban measure is still in force and that is why today the travel ban will start at 10 pm and will “close” at 5 am.

Opening to normalcy from Easter Monday
From Easter Monday, however, the period of the traffic ban will be limited. Specifically, from May 3, citizens will be able to travel until 11 pm.

The other big change that citizens will face on Monday will be the reopening of the restaurant , after six difficult months. Based on the issued JMC, the following applies to catering:

For restaurants, cafes, internet cafes, canteens, refreshments, canteens, catering (excluding student restaurants), it is mandatory to conduct a self-test (selftest) for employees and the self-employed of health care stores, with physical presence.

  • disinfecting lists when customers swap tables
  • placement of disinfectant product per table
  • Mandatory mask use by staff and customers during standby time
  • up to six people per table
  • observance of table seating distances and hygiene rules
  • use a bar with two stools placed together and a distance of one and a half meters for each subsequent pair of stools
  • possibility of operation from 5:00 to 22:45take-away, delivery and drive-through services are allowed after the end of the other operation, without, however, the stay of customers inside or outside the area of ​​responsibility of the their businesses
  • operation of stores with a license of health interest inside galleries, shopping malls, intercity stations and airports only with the services of product delivery in a package from the store (take away) and product distribution (delivery).

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