Easter: What will happen to the Holy Light – What is allowed & what not for the Greeks

Despite strict measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus, the Holy Light will normally arrive in Greece, as the Jerusalem Post reveals.

The report, based on Israeli Foreign Ministry sources, stresses that despite the strict measures in place in all countries and of course Orthodox, the issue of the Holy Light has been resolved.

It is said that Israel will normally accept special flights from these countries and of course Greece. Of course, it is noted that “the precise way of the project is not yet complete” and this is because as the country’s Ministry of Health notes it can impose pandemic restrictions. However, it is emphasized that “flights have already been organized to bring light to Russia, Ukraine and Greece”.

According to what is said in the report, at the Holy Sepulcher the ceremony will normally take place in the presence of 10 or more 15 representatives of the Christian churches and then the Holy Light will be transferred to Tel Aviv Airport, where the delegations will be given , but they will not land in Israel while the quarantine is maintained.

What is allowed and what is not for the Greeks at Easter (Easter Sunday is 19th April 2020)

A clear message that restrictive measures will continue to apply and at Easter holidays was sent at a press conference with Deputy Minister of Civil Protection Nikos Chardalias at Sotiris Tsiodras. As he said this year “we will not go to the village, we will not skew the lamb, we will not go to church but we will pray at home. To protect friends and relatives and celebrate all the time together. “

The same was mentioned by government spokesman Stelios Petsas when informing political authors. “We will not have Easter in the villages and churches this year,” he said. Consequently, the habits of Greeks this Easter will be different from what they used to do in previous years.

The government’s plan is for everyone to bake, or roast lamb separately this year but celebrate exclusively with their close relatives, that is, their family. Consequently, meetings are prohibited.

source – aftodioikisi.gr

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