EFKA: Until 2022 the insurance capacity of employees – Good news if you didn’t work much last year

Unconditional access to health services (health care, pharmaceutical coverage) for e-EFKA policyholders for one year 

Access to health services (health care, drug coverage) for members of e-EFKA and members of their families, guaranteed for the next twelve months, ending on February 28, 2022 , regardless of whether these workers meet conditions of insurance capacity provided by law.

This stipulates an amendment of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, submitted to the draft law “Organization and operation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Council of Hellenes Abroad and regulation of issues of international development cooperation and humanitarian aid”, which is being discussed in Parliament.

The conditions provided until now by the legislation for the annual renewal of the insurance capacity, were the existence of at least two months or 50 days of insurance in the year preceding the renewal. The provision submitted provides for the renewal of the insurance capacity of employees for the next twelve months, without considering whether in 2020 they had two months or 50 days of insurance, while all special categories are covered for which the insurance capacity was renewed by special provisions during previous years. This ensures access to medical coverage for both themselves and indirectly insured members.

By the same amendment, the period during which employers’ contributions for the insurance of employees who have joined the ” SYN-ERGASIA “ employment aid mechanism in the tertiary sector and in the air and sea transport sectors is extended until 31 March 2021 , covered by the State Budget.

The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Kostis Hatzidakis , stated in this regard: “With the new regulation for unconditional access to health services (health care, insurance coverage) the government shows the due sensitivity towards our fellow citizens who are being tested in their lives. Even more so as the consequences of the coronavirus crisis made things worse for them. A state that does not care about our fellow human beings can not be considered a modern state. 

We have many serious issues to deal with in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. But this is one of the most serious. The decision for unconditional access to health services for the insured of EFKA for one year is the fulfillment of a self-evident obligation. We continue to monitor the consequences of the coronavirus crisis with the commitment that we will react with the same sensitivity. “

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