Elections 2019 – Results: The maps of previous elections since 1996

It is widely anticipated ND will take a resounding victory in today’s general elections, early exit polls are confirming this and the first official exit polls will be available as stations close around Greece at 7PM tonight with 9PM being seen as a time when a formal prediction is expected.

It is widely anticipated the map will be similar to the recent European elections a swathe of Blue.

Here in Kefalonia & Ithaca  one seat is available and a name that keeps coming to the forefront is a young man (31) born in Assos called George Kokolis.

As the evening  progresses we will update on local and Greek results as they come in.


Since 1996, three different parties have gone to power, and all three parties (SYRIZA, ND, PASOK ) have managed to win two consecutive elections.

Interestingly, since 1996 New Democracy holds the record of numbers as 2004 was the first party with 45.36%.

Elections 1996 PASOK

Elections 2000 PASOK

 Elections 2004 New Democracy

Elections 2007 – New Democracy

Elections 2009 – PASOK

Elections 2012 – New Democracy

Elections 2015 (January) – SYRIZA

Elections 2015 (September) – SYRIZA

source – ethnos.gr

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