Elections in October are now being considered by SYRIZA – What does Tsipras hope for?

In the last few days any member of SYRIZA, whether a top or simple MP and asking journalists about the time of the 2019 elections , is the same. ” Let’s go for October “ . 

Is it a tactic to quench the waters and catch the opposition or an almost decided decision of the ruling party? It is a necessary move to win political time by top executives who, in the past, were supporters of the use of early elections in May . 

October gives political time to SYRIZA

Regardless of what they say publicly, SYRIZA’s senior executives accept the key message of polls that the ruling party is at the moment second and even a difference . If the difference is five, seven or twelve units is something that can be discussed. But that SYRIZA is now second, and apart from ND, in their own discussions everyone accepts it.

October will therefore allow the government to gain time , to vote on additional pro-bills, to try to change the image of the economy to the positive, as is already the case with the issue of the 10-year bond , the first since 2010, he healed as much as the big sore he opened in northern Greece with the Prespa agreement .

The Alexis Tsipras knows very well that he can not go to national elections in Northern Greece towards SYRIZA because it will be lost by hand. Can the climate change radically until October? No realists answer. But passions can be improved. As long as we are away from the agreement and as time goes on to show positive economic data from it, the better the government officials say, while it is certain that in the fight for climate change in northern Greece, the role of SYRIZA, accept that he is the prime minister.

More efficient fermentations on the left-hand side 

In addition, October as an election month gives Tsipra more time to make his moves in the center left rather than last-minute stress that activates the opponents’ self-sustaining reflexes. Everyone understands that it takes time to ferment and work out what these partnerships should do. And time will work for both sides positively appreciating many as it will also enable centrist-left figures to think more fundamentally if finally Mr. Tsipras has won the bet and is the dominant representative of this space. 

The recent interview of Nikos Alivazatos, who had played a central role in the election process of the KINAL leadership, who spoke with unexpected flattering words to Mr Tsipras, calling the prime minister a politician who ” catches birds in the air “, only smiles brought to Maxim’s Mansion and confirmed the view of some that time is working for them.

Of course, on the road to elections in October, the big thorn listens to the outcome of the 2019 European elections . As much as Nicos Papas says publicly that the government will win them, he and everyone who knows the reality know that he will lose them. The big question is what difference will you lose . In this debate, in the last few weeks, it seems that enough water has been in the wine. So where the manageable defeat rate was around three to four units, now executives raise it up to six. 

Big difference means we played and lost 

In SYRIZA, they know that the difference will not only be significant for those but for ND, as a first for the main opposition that will fall short of the image made by fans and ND executives in their heads based on polls will give SYRIZA the necessary breath to say that everything was not lost. 

The Kyriakos Mitsotakis As long afforded to the European elections tone and characteristics of national elections not only to rally the party but also to cancel the outset the logic of loose voting would lead voters in small shapes on the right and the New center-right Republic.

The answer from SYRIZA seems to be the same. Top executives of the ruling party they spoke with sayfimerida say they are ready to pick up the glove. “And SYRIZA will give the same characteristics to the battle of the European elections. Nor will we go loose. We will go hard and ask citizens to vote not only for Europe but also for Greece, “ they said. 

However, the four-year exhaustion scenario also has a big risk that some seem to be ready to take. This risk hears in the name of a double-digit difference in the European elections with New Democracy .

When this question is pressed by journalists in private talks with senior members of SYRIZA, the answer is disarming. “If the difference is double digits then it is very difficult to overturn it by October. Then we have to admit that we played and lost. The policy also needs risk. Indeed, functioning of democracy means also switching the parties to power. “

Source – iefimerida.gr 

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